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10 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

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Dogs Make Humans Healthier

As dog lovers, we are well informed of how dogs improve our lives, making us healthier and happier overall. However, you will also find some benefits of dog ownership that you may have never thought!

Aside from providing us entertainment and companionship, here are only a few of the numerous mental and physical perks that dogs may provide in our life to become healthy. Here are 10 ways dogs make humans healthier. Check it out.

Dogs Enhance Your Mood

Dogs have long been studied to make great companions, but did you consider that they really improve your mood? The study has shown that it just takes a mere 15–30 minutes with your pet to feel more calm and relaxed.

Playing with your dog also develops your brain’s levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters that are combined with tranquility and pleasure.

Psychologists found that the advantages of having a canine companion can be similar to having a human companion. It looks like dogs can get your tail wagging!

Dogs Help Lower Blood Pressure -How to Dogs Make Humans Healthier

An assistant professor of medicine ran an amazing little experiment in which she practical the effects of cooperating with a dog on blood pressure.

To practice that, she established a group of individuals whose jobs possibly could not get any more stressful if they were bouncing out of airplanes: stockbrokers!

He recorded the blood pressure of a group of 48 stockbrokers, paying considerable attention to their readings in difficult situations. An unplanned group of 24 were selected to associate with a dog as part of their de-stress medications (all 48 were taking blood pressure medicine).

The results possibly are not amazing to most dog owners: the group who cooperated with dogs reported lower blood pressure importantly, and, in truth, the dogs make humans healthier, and they were more useful in lowering blood pressure than the drugs!

Here is more in-depth description:

Dogs Help Us Understand Cancer

Did you understand that humans and dogs get the similar type of cancer? Science Daily goes that due to the equalities in the disease, dogs with cancer can help us to find out more about the disease itself and in turn, we can help increase treatment for cancer in dogs as well.

There are not any wrong tests or methods being performed on dogs; the medical field only takes the opportunity to research cancer and find out latest methods for treatment.

They also Help Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides

This seems to be the most interesting studies, I believe, since a few of it is so counterintuitive. A researcher figured a study in a book named The Book of Human-Animal Interactions: Responsibilities and Benefits, in which she explain to find connections among human wellness and pet ownership.

He compared 784 dog owners within ages 59 and 20 to a group of 4957 non-pet owners in the similar age group. She established that on the whole, pet owners enjoy lower plasma triglyceride levels compared to non-pet owners, and male pet owners have remarkably lower cholesterol.

But here is the interesting things about dogs make humans healthier: pet owners were also more likely to take alcohol and order abstract food, both of which raise the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Nevertheless, pet owners also are inclined to be more active, which may have given to lower numbers (important note that the point of this part of the research was to show that lifestyle parts alone did not contribute to the dissimilarity in readings, suggest that dogs themselves play a factor).

Petting a Dogfights Depression-How to Dogs Make Humans Healthier

There was a research revealed in AIDS Care called “AIDS Depression and Diagnosis in the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study: the improving Impact of Pet Ownership” that moderate the effect of pet (mainly dog) ownership on AIDS patients.

The research found that people who owned dogs were remarkably less probable to become depressed that those who did not. Most importantly, this fact was present in HIV-infected men only.

That mentioned, a lot of other research have stated that interacting with dogs releases serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, all of which help develop the effects of depression. Types of cool!

Here is an amazing, personal video about how one dog assists her owner with depression:

Dogs Can Help Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Obviously, dogs make humans healthier, and they are exceedingly helpful in helping people deal with medical issues. Dogs have been seen to be helpful to people with different medical issues, but particularly with those diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Dogs help an individual with RA to move more often and inspire play and helping them get their mind off of their circumstances. Dogs are high motivators to get moving, and they sure are better at disturbing us from things!

There is a Sense of Community among Dog Owners

Any dog owner understands that owning a dog is only about the best icebreaker in the world. It provides individual something to ask about, talk about, and focus on.

Also, it is the best way to make friends, since dog owners have plenty of common ground.You will also find dogs make humans healthier particularly trained to help people with social anxiety.

Group like Midnight Sun Service Dogs are trained to do plenty of good stuff, like give physical stimulation or pressure when their owners feel charmed or lead them to a safe place.

Nevertheless, they are also trained to help their owners make friends! A service dog from Midnight Sun Service Dogs can further truly help start social interactions. How gentle is that?

Dogs Can Detect Blood Sugar Crashes

Did you have knowledge that blood sugar has a smell? It does, and dogs can be trained to smell it out. You will find a lot of organizations out there who help train service dogs to discover crashes and spikes in blood sugar, warning their owner that they should have a snake or truly get help themselves.

Some dogs do not even need that training, although. One courageous pit bull finds out a clean drop in the blood sugar of one of his pack, a 4-year old boy.

Here is an amazing story about a boy and his diabetic alert dog:

They can also be Therapy Professionals

Within the many jobs a dog can have, one is a professional comforter. A few gentle dogs are trained to give comfort to those who have gone through serious trauma. For instance, therapy dogs were guided into comfort children after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.

One little boy who was not also able to share his experience with his parents noticed he was able to open to a dog. Another girl who had not called to her mother since the shootings have begun speaking again.

It is also said, “Plenty of times, kids’ discussion directly to the dog. They are kind of like advisors with fur. They have amazing listening skills, and they indicate unconditional love. They do not talk back or judge you.”

You can get more information on therapy dogs here. Check this one out:

They allow focus to folks with ADHD & PTSD and Relieve Stress

Focus to Folks with ADHD & PTSD

There is a particular brand of therapy dogs specially trained to help children the ADHD. These dogs help their owners focus on improving sensory excess by disrupting disordered behaviors.

They can also offer a soothing influence and give sensory stimulation, and sometimes the dogs help only by being around.Here is how one parent stated why her daughter (who has ADHD) benefits so much from a stay with the family dog:

  • He accepts girl expansively when she arrives at Aunt Ann’s house.
  • He provides amenities for exercise and “green time,” by demanding long walks and challenging the outdoor play.
  • He fixes up with being picked up, rolled on, and other difference of undesirable dissimilarity.
  • He scrapes on the door of the room where girl sleeps, tempting her to get up and begin another exciting day, and making her feel wanted.
  • He rides along in the car for all the adventures of the weekend.
  • He is endless love wrapped in an attractive, furry package.”They also offer the similar type of help to folks with PTSD. For instance, simply watch how this service dog reacts when this soldier gets sick during an interview. Pretty wonderful.

Relieve Stress

Another considerable yet casual benefit of owning a dog is that they are masters at helping us alleviate stress and feel calm.

According to a study, 240 married couples with dogs were treated with to different types of stressful jobs where they were either alone, with their spouse or were able to see their dog after or before the job.

Unsurprisingly, the economic responses to stress were within those who were accommodated to see their dogs. Perhaps there should be a compulsory “bring your dog to work” day!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, you will find about a million ways your dog can make you healthier–from reducing your blood pressure to increasing your dating life. For these concerns adding a dog to your family is a challenging decision.

Apparently, take the time to see if you and your remarkable other are ready and doing it for the right reasons. I hope after reviewing this article in about 10 ways dogs make humans healthier you may get the clear idea how important to own a dog as well.

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