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Best Kydex Holsters Reviews For 2022

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Best Kydex Holsters

Waiting for best kydex holsters on the market? You are here in the right place. It is made as prudent as feasible and strong enough to position your gun. Kydex are the superiors in the industry and are best known for its strong and extremely durable holster.

It is absolutely tested and discovered that Kydex wears much less than traditional leather holsters. These holsters give various cants for accommodation. It is amazing for someone who loves to carry guns 24×7; a person who requires heavy gear and that is comfortable to wear.​

When it comes to holsters, you will find only two choices; you can go for any holster or go for the best kydex holster But when it comes to benefits and advantages, Kydex holsters will surely kick them all out.

Let’s take a look a brief overview and top selection of best kydex holster reviews you may desire.​

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Best Kydex Holsters Reviews​

KYDEX was the invention of Rohm and Haas Company, a Philadelphia-based components craftsman operating in the aircraft interior industry.

In the late ’60’s, a range of businesses understood that KYDEX sheets could be operated into nearly any shape by applying heat and molding the element around forms.

KYDEX, in 1997, LLC was born. Till then, “KYDEX” has become something of a generic name for plastic holsters – and not constantly by “mistake.” You will find some holster companies sell “kydex holsters best” that are not built with KYDEX plastics.

What is more, even real KYDEX holsters differ regarding quality. In the attentiveness of consumer education, here is all you wanted to understand about KYDEX Holsters but did not think to ask . . .

Why KYDEX holsters Instead of Leather?

Leather holsters have been shooting fans first choice for years. The leather is aesthetically and physically appealing; it even smells better. Leather holsters associate shooters back to the early history of a handgun. A holder can holster and unholster their gun in virtual silence.​

On the drawback, leather holsters are responsive to temperature, humidity, and moisture. Leather does not dry easily; if you leave a reholstered gun in a wet leather holster, it can cause pitting.​

Leather holsters need a diligent maintenance and break-in period. Re-holstering can be tough. They wear out and can be dangerous.Kydex gun holsters are usually maintenance-free. 

If a kydex holsters near me becomes dusty or dirty, you wipe it down and wash it off. They are ready to use right away; they do not have a “break in “period.

They will keep up the required shape over a lifetime of use. What you find is what you get and what you get is what you will see even after years of heavy use.​

While re-holstering and unholstering a gun in a KYDEX holster is louder than returning and clearing a gun to a leather holster, KYDEX buyers get a more secure and reliable re-holstering experience. They are not moisture or temperature sensitive. KYDEX holsters still perform well and take a beating.

There’s KYDEX, and then there’s KYDEX

Much like there are various grades of leather, you will find various grades of thermoplastic. KYDEX producers over 40 different lines of thermoplastic sheets, each with its own price point and properties. (​DIY KYDEX)

Their products lines feature budget plastics built from regrind/ recycled grades of sheet: inexpensive products with lower performance standards than highly cost materials.​

The grain, thickness, and ability to resist temperature decide the sheet’s grade. KYDEX 100 and KYDEX T are the well-known materials used by companies making knife sheaths and gun holsters. KYDEX 100 is familiar in the business as “The Gold Standard for Thermoforming.”​

These best kydex holsters on the market is durable and super tough. It finds at the holster or sheath maker’s shop in a proprietary “alloy sheet.” It provides excellent rigidity, formability, break and chemical resistance. It also resists great temperatures.

Users should question the holster manufacture what brand name thermoplastic they use. If it is KYDEX, the user should ask which product. Standard manufacturers will be proud and happy to discuss their production procedure, specially if they are forming high standard materials.​

If the manufacturer says that they use a “proprietary blend,” ask for the material safety data sheet and speciation sheet. In another way, the “proprietary blend” may be the scraps swept off the floor of a company using the high standard material.​

Plastic holsters are all the same, right?

​The holster manufacturing system differs considerably. Some are usage injection molding to their manufacturing. With molten plastic, each holster mold is filled and then forced into the particular shape with pressure and heat.

Injection molding produces inexpensive parts, and it is fast, generally made from harder plastics. It says GIGO to the computer guys. While an injection-molded holster is built from cheaper plastic, the component can cause rapid holster wear and remove the finish from your pistol.​

You will find no injection-molded holsters made with genuine KYDEX-brand plastic. That is because best kydex holster 2018 is designed from pure polymers; their ejected sheets do not contain blended stiffeners. KYDEX lasts longer than cheaper plastic.

To make a KYDEX holster, engineers mold it around a form after heating a sheet of plastic, cut off the excess material and polish the finished holster.​

It is a slower, more labor-intensive process that needs significant experience and quality control. For instance, the KYDEX had to be heated to an appropriate temperature and cooled completely.​

The Comparison Table of Best Kydex Holsters 2022

Product Image

Product Name



Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster

Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster


 Amazon Price
Gearcraft - Smith and Wesson Shield

Gearcraft – Smith and Wesson Shield 9/40


  Amazon Price
Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster


  Amazon Price
Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster


  Amazon Price
S&W M&P Shield IWB Holster

S&W M&P Shield IWB Holster


  Amazon Price

Top 5 Best KYDEX Holster Reviews 2022

You may find various types and brands of Kydex holster out of the market which makes a bit of difficult to choose the best one. To eradicate this hard work and to save your time and money let’s take a look at some of the top rated Kydex holsters in the market today.​

Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster

Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster

The Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster is chosen as the favourite Holster by many people.

This kydex concealment holster is thin, sturdy, comfortable to wear IWB, and the belt clip does a great job of securing it to your belt.

It is built and designed in the USA using only top quality elements and with comfort and functionality in mind. Concealed Carry Holsters are molded to each gun model for that perfect, custom-fit.

With a belt and an un-tucked shirt to exactly conceal the weapon, they are designed to be worn inside the waistband.​ 

The components are .08î KYDEX, which is thick enough to keep up its heavy structural integrity for a lifetime, though adding only 3 oz. in weight and adding next to nothing to the overall size of the weapon.​

The Concealment Express KYDEX IWB Gun Holster has a ´Full Sweat-Shield that helps guide the weapon when you are re-holstering and which also helps keep your weapon dry. The trigger area on each holster is totally covered for your safety.​

This best iwb kydex holster features Posi-Click Audible Retention Lock system which lets you know when your weapon is exactly holstered, and the retention pressure is simply adjustable. The carrying angle is simply adjustable from 0-15 degrees to your choice as well.

His offers the holster to be utilized to effectively any carry position including Hip, Appendix, side and back carry positions. They are virtually durable and carry a Lifetime Warranty.​

Highlighted Features

  • Made from Start to Finish in the USA
  • Posi-Click’ Audible Retention Lock System
  • Integrated Full Sweat Shield
  • Thickness: 08.”
  • KYDEX – Weight: 2.5 oz. – Belt Clip: 1.5″
  • Type: IWB
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9/40
  • Shipping Weight: 2.6 ounces
  • Free shipping

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Gearcraft – Smith and Wesson Shield 9/40

Gearcraft - Smith and Wesson Shield

The Gearcraft – Smith and Wesson are best kydex holster shield–fits accurately, easy to adjust retention, very lightweight, and quick to put on/take off over a heavy belt.

This holster is comfortable and well equipped with advantages admired by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

First and foremost, by covering the trigger, it protects against accidental fire. It is made from .060 Kydex, making it extremely wearable in any circumstances.

Adjustable cant allows for traditional carry positions or kydex holster appendix, and this is adjusted by sliding the clip to the position required and loosening the screws on the clip.

Adjustable tension makes sure your gun fits snug while full-length custom sweat guards ease re-holstering and keep safe the finish. The IWB Kydex Holster is available in black. It comes complete with an FOMI injection molded IWB belt clip that can allow belts up to 1.75″.​

Highlighted Features

  • Style: Inside the Waistband (IWB)
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Fits: S&W M&P 9/40
  • Adjustable from 0-15 Degrees for different Carry Options
  • All Kydex Holster – Black
  • Free shipping

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Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster

Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster

The Galco Triton Kydex IWB Holster is constructed of durable, essentially maintenance-free Kydex.

The Triton is thin, fast and easy to conceal. The belt clip provides quick on and off capability since the sweat guard maintains both gun and gun carrier.

The firm holster body provides a smooth and easy return to the holster after the pull, while the raised sweat guard defends the pistol from corroding perspiration. It also protects your skin from hard steel. Made of Kydex, the Triton is available in black and fits belts up to 13/4 inch.

Highlighted Features

  • The belt clip allows quick on and off capability
  • Triton is fast, thin and easy to conceal
  • Allows a smooth and easy return
  • Available in black
  • Fits belts up to 13/4.”
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces

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Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster

Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock seems to be the best kydex holsters amazon found across the web.

319 users reviewed fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock; the first review noticed at 2017-02-28 while the most recent reviews were published at 2017-03-30.

The in the total sentiment of Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock users is 13% better than the average satisfaction sentiment of Kydex Holsters users.

72% of Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock users would possibly suggest their friend buy the product. This kydex holsters iwb is comfortable and affordable with its high-quality design.​

You will have a holster exactly tailored to your weapon that will last for years to come. It looks sturdy and strong. The tension screw is good enough to adjust how the Glock fits in. Overall it is best product goes ahead and purchase it you will love it.​

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Cant – 0 to 15 Degrees
  • Flared opening allows for easy re-holstering
  • Adjustable Retention so you can get the perfect fit
  • Fully covers trigger and backside of gun
  • Thick .08 Kydex material
  • Free shipping

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S&W M&P Shield IWB Holster

S&W M&P Shield IWB Holster

This holster fits the M&P Shield 40 cal or 9mm. It is engineered to be worn inside the waistband for concealed carry.

It features a quality materials, design, and process that enables it a top of the line holster at a better price. Finally, you never have to sacrifice quality for a great price!

It features a major wear and friction points. In most Kydex holsters, engineers mold straight to the shape of the gun, this comprises the slide release, safety, etc.

This also minimizes the amount of holster wear on your gun. It is made from Boltaron thermoplastic, the same plastic to Kydex. Boltaron is abrasion resistant, extremely durable and chemical resistant.​

Boltaron out functions Kydex T, the element most thermoplastic holsters are constructed from, in impact resistance, hardness, and keep its shape greater than Kydex T in high heat situations.

It’s cant is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees, only use the hex key given with your holster to loosen the screw on the belt loop and adjust. You may get this one as a good quality holster as well.​

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Use Boltaron for our holsters
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Holster’s cant is fully adjustable

Check Price on Amazon

The Verdict

Well, it’s not so much a decision as a choice. I went with the Concealment Express KYDEX Holster and loved it!

It fits very comfortable against my side and that not only feels better as I am always aware of the presence of my firearm, but it gives me a sense of ease understanding it is tucked right up near me.

However, all of these KYDEX holsters characterize a great support further apart I believe and makes them great to all. You may use these holsters which will save your time and money as well.

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