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How to remove a kitchen faucet – step by step process

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How to remove kitchen faucet

The kitchen is the place in your house that will present you most for the thought and care you give it.

Kitchen reforming is a cost efficient investment that will soon show the return regarding freed space, saved time and an aesthetically delightful environment.

The faucet is surely the item that has the maximum impact on the way we work in the kitchen.

Following years of wear and tear, however, kitchen faucet can become stained, outdated, and even start to leak. So it is important to learn about how to remove a kitchen faucet after install Kitchen Faucet

Follow this guide where you can learn removing the kitchen faucet successfully.

The Lowdown of Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet seems to be the most important fixtures in the house as they complete an essential function in the house.

Aside from accomplishment, it also serves as a valuable in the house that can add aesthetics and style to the whole kitchen space.

Beside all the shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes available in the market Kitchen Faucet has become a setting factor that will discover the overall look of the kitchen. Kitchen faucets are accountable to control the release of water.

How to Remove a Kitchen Faucet – Important Consideration You Need to Know

It is common for your faucet to leak after a period of time. The important causes of this are extreme usage and constant contact with water.

It gets very troublesome to have a leaking faucet, as you always need to dry the water oozing from your sink.

It also adds your water bill. But if you understand how to remove a kitchen faucet, you can easily get yourself out of this question.

All it takes some common tools and a little hand strength. There are not many parts engaged, and none of them are complicated.

Things You’ll Need – How to Remove a Kitchen Faucet

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Oil or spray lubricant
  • Flashlight

The Best Way to Remove a Kitchen Faucet – Step by Step Process to Follow

Assemble the area and point out the water lines. Clear everything out of the cabinet inside the sink. Point out the two water supply lines running from the floor or lower wall to the faucet.

If they are not noticed to show cold and hot, later turn on the hot water and spot the lines to feel which gets warm. Select that line for easy placing of your new faucet.

Shut Down the Water Supply

There will be a loose near the bottom of both water supply lines. Until they come to a firm stop turn these clockwise by hand.

That process closes the water supply. Turn the kitchen faucet on to let the water empty out of the pipes. Be careful the water is off perfectly.

Unhook the Water Supply Lines

Locate the joint nuts where the supply lines attach the faucet tubes. Place an empty bucket within the connection to hold the residual water in the lines.

Attach the top nuts through an adjustable wrench and ease the lower nuts with adjustable pliers. Usage oil or spray lubricant to remove corrosion on any nuts you are helpless to loosen.

Usage the adjustable pliers to ease the nuts at the valve end and eliminate these lines absolutely.

Take off the Sprayer

Ease the sprayer hose under the faucet or the sprayer handle. You will find joint nuts on either end of the hose. Usage the adjustable pliers to take aside the hose from one end.

Remove the Mounting Nuts

Find the mounting nuts under the back end of the sink, on another side of the faucet base. These will also be one–piece plastic nuts with fins for turning by hand, or they will be little metal hex nuts over metal caps.

Usage adjustable pliers, or wrench, to correctly remove these.

Clear the Area

Pull the old faucet straight away from the sink. If it is stuck, slowly apply pressure to the spigot changing forward and back until it breaks away.

There may be a rubber gasket underneath the faucet base. Remove that and completely clean the whole area around the three holes.

Clear the threads of the water supply connectors with steel wool. Well! Now you are ready for to replace a new faucet.


The kitchen, which is the engaged part of the house, only be worth the best furnishings and fixtures available. The kitchen faucet is always used not by the whole household.

It needs to keep the kitchen running cleanly, efficiently, and safely. Time and exposure to water reasons corrosion of even the best kitchen faucets.

So it needs to remove the kitchen faucet as an important part of your kitchen. This is why to learn how to remove a kitchen faucet is important to provide your kitchen a new look.

I hope after revising our article, you will get everything that helps to upgrade your kitchen through the removing of kitchen faucet successfully.

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