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Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Review

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Santa Cruz Lion Longboard

Longboard fans are very familiar with the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40″. They have plenty of fans following, to say the least.

More than anything else, Santa Cruz Longboards are well known for the spectacular artwork that goes into making them. Home to the Screaming Hand, Santa Cruz Lion have tried to attract the enthusiasts of drop thru boards.

Santa Cruz Lion Longboard

One noticeable thing about this longboard is that all the parts utilized in this longboard are Santa Cruz parts, which are first class, quality parts. Let’s take a look, and short notes about santa cruz drop through longboard review.

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard 40″ Review

The santa cruz drop down longboard features excellent control and maneuverability. You can usage this on extremely fast downhill cruising without concerning about losing your balance during your skating.

The Santa Cruz drop-through trucks of the longboard are set up with the right Road Rider wheels. It is constructed with the typical Santa Cruz trucks.

The Santa Cruz Company is famous for its great quality and attention to detail when planning the longboards for the skaters, and this glows through in this amazing longboard.

Similarly many other Santa Cruz longboard products, you may call this a Cruzer more than a longboard.

It seems to be a cruising board, and you can place it in different applications like going to class, cruising down a boardwalk, grabbing a bite or bombing downhill in your local area.

Although you like the Rastafarian culture and need little bits of this throughout your longboarding, then this is a board that you are particularly going to love.

When you buy the santa cruz rasta longboard, it will come to you as a whole and ready to hit the ground. It will come to your doorway completely assembled and ready for a few downhill operations and high-octane cruising.

When you buy this, you will mostly go from the box straight to the streets except for much ado. When you buy this board with a trusted portal like Amazon, you will have your purchase 100% guaranteed while also enjoying a few free shipping deals.

The board also features a medium length rate with a width of 10” and a length of 40” which makes it a perfect choice for cruising applications or transporting or even for commuting yourself from one place to another.

You may buy the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Longboard in different setups that will suit the type of appeals to which you desire to put them into.

Santa Cruz Longboard Features To Look For

Design of Santa Cruz Lion

The design appears completely equipped with the best quality Santa Cruz factory parts that will guarantee superb performance and durability. But what seems to be the most typical feature about these boards?

It is the bold Rastafarian prints on the board of green, yellow and black. There is an alarming imprint of a lion-face on the board’s face though Santa Cruz demands that no lions were killed in the testing or manufacture of the boards.

But the most significant features of the boards are the ultimate performance features that will guarantee you a few quality cruising and downhill applications associated with unbelievable board stability.

These boards confirm you to cruise with a better deal of stability, comfort, and control during different board applications.

The parts comprise the Santa Cruz bearings, the strong and sturdy Road Rider 180mm trucks, spacious 75mm Road Rider wheels with a flexible durometer rating of 78a.

All the components of the board are designed with Santa Cruz hardware which is an extreme quality guarantee for the longboard skateboarders.

The Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard is constructed with a Santa Cruz grip tape that features Rasta stripe and which combines well with the Rastafarian theme of the longboard.

Materials of the Santa Cruz

The entire parts of the board such as the wheels, deck design, the trucks and the bearings make use of the inside Santa Cruz hardware. These generally belong an excellent industry reputation.

All these are designed for the very tough board, but it still provides a very smooth ride and slides through applications.

The deck of the Santa Cruz Longboard is produced using a heavy wooden laminate material, and this can resist very difficult applications during your great speed cruising or downhill.

It is not the type of board that will cover up with easily when subjected to high pressure or shocks from the barriers in your path such as bumps, cracks or pebbles on the road.

Stability of the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Longboard

This features a drop-through board and you can, then, look forward to marvelous stability. The deck of the Santa Cruz is extremely dependable and also stable. It is not like that you should ignore.

A better deck in a board constantly makes the difference among an unsettling longboarding experience and the balance of rides.

It features 40-inch of length adds to its stability, but it also provides you good comfort whatever your size. If you are a beginner, this is a board that you will mainly feel very comfortable.

The truth that this is a drop-through board implies that the quality board hardware has been mounted on the deck. The suggestion of this is that it decreases your board’s center of gravity as a consequence increasing the stability of your board.

When riding this board, you will get very close to the ground.The standard santa cruz longboard rasta lion stability also implies that you can gain some crazy downhill or cruising speeds with a better deal of comfort and confidence.

The stability makes it a superb choice for skating certainly in the environments where you are possible to encounter the best deal of obstacles on your path.

Control of the Santa Cruz Lion

The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Longboard features an excellent stability and maneuverability. Therefore it offers you better control during your longboarding.

You may usage this to dance with a great ease around barriers that which may interfere with your skating.

The speed of the Santa Cruz Lion

With drop-through design, it will be probable for you to attain insane and incredible levels of speed while maintaining your stability. It seems to be the go-to board if you are planning to go an extreme speed cruise downhill.


  • Given the price, it is a good board to go downhill
  • The wheels are soft and provide excellent grip at high speeds
  • The board has unusually larger wheels for its price
  • The Rasta Lion God graphic art is impeccably beautiful


  • Grip tape is not durable
  • Not as resilient as competitor board

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the longboard is perfect for the beginners?

Answer: Yes! It features an ideal board for the beginners.

Q: It this board looks good in real life?

Answer: Obviously! It looks both attractive and inspiring as well.

Q: Can I usage it though if I’m not a beginner?

Answer: Yes and No! If you are not a newcomer, you might want to do some tricks on this board.


The Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 40″ is worth for money proposition from a longboard manufacturer that is reputed for its graphics and styling, and it does not disappoint in that aspect.

An investing in the Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Longboard is one for the long term. Nevertheless, performance freak will be left wanting.

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