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29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike Review

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29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike

In this world, the majority of people spend their valuable time by doing something they do not enjoy. After a hard day of working, they want to enjoy their every single of time. Connecting with nature is one of the best experiences in life.

And by that, I do not mean smelling the flowers and walking in the woods, but rather leaving a trail of dust behind you and blazing through rough tracks! A quality mountain bike is necessary for this to take place. Here, I am going to discuss 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike.

What the Mountain Bike Exactly Is?

A mountain bike or MTB is nothing but a bicycle made for off road biking. It ends to be a solid bicycle having a strong body, larger wheels, gears and handlebars which are horizontal.

This MTB belongs to unique tires which are fat and knobby. It will provide an exceptional fascination that required for grime trails and rugged landscape.

This mountain bike has the ability to transfer from a reliable bike that can traverse paved roads. To an unsurpassed monster this will overcome any unsmooth path put in its way. And in this way, Mongoose XR Pro is the right one we are going to discuss.

Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike Reviews

Cycling is an enjoyable and entertaining activity. While you are riding a bike, you must feel about your speed, ease and strength.

So, choosing the best riding bike is your priority and 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike comes with all latest features, made with the outstanding look and you will get the highest level of comfort.

The 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike have advanced technologies and easy to ride for any roads also have the highest level of support for any weather.

The bike has 29-inch wheels, full suspension frame, and rear disc brakes that make its outstanding product from others.

Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike Features

After reviewing the details of 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike, I got valuable information that will help to know more about this bike. Here are the best features in details.

Aluminum Frame

Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike made with full of aluminum frame and it makes the bike durable and expands the performance. It will help you to control the bike, even when you riding on a rough road.

Because of an aluminum frame, this mountain bike parts will not break easily also it makes the bike very lightweight. So, you can carry it anywhere.

Stunning Suspension

This XR Pro mountain bike has amazing suspension and it’s not comparable with any other bike on the market. So, if you compare with full suspension and hard tail mountain bike.

You will understand hard tail have one side suspension that why it’s not comfortable to long ride beside mongoose mountain has both side suspension that’s why it’s smooth and easy to ride.

I believe that you will grab XR Pro Mountain to save your bumps. It’s made with SR Suntour suspension fork that will give you smooth riding experience also easy to control in rough route.

After long riding, you will fell refresh and will save you from back pain. XR Pro Mountain will give you all comfortable that you will not get from anywhere.

Outstanding Gearings

A mountain bike always considers with speedy mode and no one wants to compromise with this. In this regard, the 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike considered with the highest level of speed and furnished with SRAM SX4 trigger shifters for your pleasure. This unique feature makes it fast, efficient and smooth.

This trigger shifter goes up to 24 speed and it’s easy to change in different route. While changing your gear, you will feel more speed without any stress. If you like to ride without any pestering, you should rely on XR Pro mountain bike.

Easy to Ride

Before long riding, I always consider about bike weight because it affects speed and flexibility also if your bike is hefty It’s not possible to go a long way.

This 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike is made with lightweight and durable features that will make you confident.

Suntour Crank

The Mongoose XR Pro mountain bike has fancy SR Suntour crank system. Especially, In gear function, it designed very well and it’s easy to move while riding.

This Suntour Crank system manages the range of gearing functionally and it’s the most important benefit of using it.

Best Disc Brakes

Safety always comes first, when it’s Breaks. Breaks are most important factor for any mountain bike. This Mongoose XR Pro braking system is unique and designed very well.

You can stop the running bike immediately as needed. The front and the rear wheel both have the disk breaking system. You can control the break smoothly or immediately. So, stopping power will be in your hand.

Alloy Rims & Wheels

This Mongoose XR Pro bike has designed alloy rims and wheels very well. The light weight rims help to carry it easily and you can store it anywhere besides it’s perfectly matched with tires that enhance the capability of this bike.


  • Mongoose XR-Pro bike is very lightweight and easy to control.
  • Have used latest upgradeable components and easy to replace.
  • It’s reasonably priced and worth to collect for everyone.
  • This bike considered for all riders, like for bigger riders as well as small riders.
  • Mongoose XR-Pro bike designed for sports, mountain and everywhere you want.
  • Mongoose XR-Pro Bike made with a solid sturdy aluminum frame that extends the durability.


  • Have to change the tires often if you ride on rough trails also off road riding.
  • Mongoose XR Pro disc brakes are flimsy that’s why need often replacement.
  • Mongoose XR Pro bike has used rear suspension just a spring. So, it may break for weight and rust.

Specification of 29 Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike

  • Frame made of aluminum
  • Suspension is SR Suntour fork with 113mm of travel
  • Have wide alloy rims
  • Have SRAM SX4 Trigger shifters gearing
  • Dimensions are 68(L)/23(W)/41(H) inches
  • Have 680mm bars
  • Tires are Innova 29 inches

How to Fit the Parts

Most of the parts are already installed; you just need setup every part in right place. You may follow this step to assemble your mountain bike.

  • At first, you need to attach the wheel to the fork and locked.
  • Secondly, setup the handlebars and lock the pedals.
  • At the end, upgrade the materials as needed and it’s not cost effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is Mongoose XR Pro mountain bike usable for all ages?

Answer: This bike designed with latest technologies and it’s usable from 15 to above years old.

Question: What’s the frame material type?

Answer: It’s fully made with solid aluminum frame that makes the bike lightweight and easy control.

Question: What’s the Mongoose XR Pro mountain bike weight?

Answer: its shipping weight is 101 pounds and out of box, it’s 35lbs.

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Final Verdict

Now we are going to conclude our valuable, comprehensive and informative guide to choosing the best 29” Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike that satisfied your riding aspiration.

To enjoy the gift of nature through biking it is important to have a suitable mountain bike. And buying a mountain bike is as like as an investment that can free yourself through mountain riding with Mongoose XR.

In a word Mongoose XR Pro Mountain Bike has all the facilities that you are looking for. Overall it’s very easy to control and have an outstanding design that makes it demeaned.

To maintain and upgrade this bike it will take fewer amounts and it’s only for once. Enjoy this mountain bike for the longest time.

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