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Basic Steps on Using Cheese Slicers- Only 5 minutes

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Basic Steps on Using Cheese Slicer

Cheese seems to the heart of much delicious food. Is it possible for you to make the gourmet crackers delicious without a little layer of your favorite cheese?

It is very tough to avoid cheese especially when it comes to sandwiches, crackers, hamburgers and other bakery products. No matter what you plan to make for your dinner, the cheese will surely take your dish to the next level.

If you are a cheese lover you are certainly acquainted with a cheese slicer and more commonly how to use a cheese slicer.

General Information About Using a Cheese Slicer 

The cheese slicer is such a tool or kitchen tool that specialized for the cutting of cheese. This slicer is used to evenly and efficiently cut all the various styles and forms of cheeses into chunks. Cheese Slicer may consist of a tool that is similar to knife or blade.

This may come with a wire or a plane like surface that slices through the cheese. A new cheese slicer is also called a cheese plan.

Cheese Slicer Review

According to the customer review, we come to know that instead of using a traditional sharp knife Cheese slicers are a unique and easy way to cut hard cheeses.

You should comprehend the use of cheese slicer properly. It helps to keep your finger out of the way of wire or clutter that can cut you and make easy to cut the block of cheese.

Basic Steps on Using Cheese Slicer

It helps to keep your finger out of the way of wire or clutter that can cut you and make easy to cut the block of cheese. You can review our TOP 8 Cheese Slicers.

Cheese slicers are made up from various kinds of materials to models that have a handle attached to a wire and from Marvel basses to wire. Whatever kind you deserve, you will fond of the ease in which you can slice blocks of Cheddar, Colby, Swiss and more.

Using a Cheese Slicer Made Easy

Many cheese slicers are being sold at present, but some people are usually adamant about purchasing these cheese slices mainly because they are a bit hard to use.

You have to realize that there are a lot of cheese slicers that are available so there is evermore a big possibility that one of those cheese slicers would work well for you and your needs.

The ChefSteps showed how to do melty cheese slices. Here we talk about hard cheese and melty cheese slicer, So you can watch this video before reading our guideline.

Most people who purchase a cheese slicer for the first time usually react by asking “How to use cheese slicer.” The cheese slicer looks very simple so using it can be a bit confusing to use.

Compared to other slicers wherein you will know definitely what to do, the basic cheese slicer may just look similar to tools that you use for gardening.

Do not fret however because you may be able to use your cheese slicer appropriately as long as you know exactly what to do.

It is essential to clean the cheese slicer after each use due to the bacteria that can passively form into the wire itself. Carefully take a washcloth and make it clean off the wire, edges and the base.

Make it sure that you clean off any leftover cheese into the slicer throughout this cloth that can trouble later on.

To make you safe must place it in a position as stable surface to avoid any injuries or accidents. Make sure the piece of cheese is on a flat surface for the same reason if using a handheld slicer.

Slicing Depending on the Cheese Slicer You Have Purchased

You may read up instructions on how to use cheese slicer only to realize that the cheese slicer that you are checking out is different from the one that you have at home. Remember that there are different types of cheese slicers.

There are wire cheese slicers that are perfect for blocks of cheese and then there are stainless steel cheese slicers that are meant specifically for other thickly sliced cheese.

There are cheese slicers that will allow you to cut thickly or thinly. Determine the cheese slicer that you have first and you will be able to figure out the rest.

Nano Cheese Slicer

How to use a cheese slicer ? Basic Steps on Using Cheese Slicers

Since most cheese slicers are alike however, here are some of the steps that you may have to go through to cut through your cheese with ease.

  1. First of all, you need to bring out the cheese from the plastic wrapper. If it ‘s hard to cut, you can use the knife to tear the bag. Sometimes you may find the cheese wrapping with more than one plastic bag. So if you find your cheese still in a packaged form, tear open the bag to disclose it. However never open the cheese completely out of the bag. Keep it inside the plastic bag and make it safe from dust or other oily substance into the kitchen counter.
  2. It is the time to use the cheese slicer. Hold the cheese on the left and the slicer into the right hand. If you are a left-hander, hold the slicer into the left hand.
  3. Adjust the cheese slicer that you are going to use if it has this feature. Adjust how thick or how thin you would like your slices to be. You are recommended to use thin slices if you are going to serve cheese with cold cuts and wine and of course, you may go a bit thicker if you are going to use the cheese slicers for sandwiches.
  4. Position the cheese slicer in such a way that the sharp portion is facing the cheese. For some cheese slicers there is a cutting side and a blunt side, make sure that the blunt side is facing you so that the sharp portion can start cutting the cheese.
  5. Test by making a few slices of cheese. A good cheese slicer will be able to glide through your cheese smoothly. You do not need to make a lot of effort to make your cheese be cut consistently.
  6. Plate your cheese well or put the cheese on your sandwich and enjoy.
  7. Remember to clean up your cheese slicer after use. Each cheese slicer will come with different instructions that you have to follow for cleanup.
  8. With all of these things in mind, your cheese slicer will not be too hard to use after all.

How to Repair a Cheese Slicer?

A cheese slicer has a conventional construction comprising of wire held taunt between the arms and a y shaped handle. And a few are consists of knife or blade.

A slicer with wire fittings may wear or break which requires replacement. You can find this cheese wire wherever the kitchen tools are sold.

Measure the distance between the cheese slicer and arms to know the size of the replacing wire. If you don’t find the cheese wire, you can use the guitar string.

Besides this, the slicer along with the knife or blade may lose its sharpness. For this, you can change the blade or knife to the cheese slicer that makes it look new.

How to Sharpen a Slicer?

Slicers require being stropped about once a week if they are regularly used. Most slicers are found in the restaurants. The need for sharpening will clear when you find that the cheese run through the slicers become difficult to cut or cuts are not as clear.

When the slicer’s blade or knife start to dull the cheese will not slice uniformly and edges are jagged. You will find some slicers that come with a sharpener and for others will come with a sharpening stone.

Using a Nano Cheese Slicer

In comparison with a flat blades slicer, a nano cheese slicer can cut the cheese more efficiently and cleanly. Nowadays researchers have built a microscopic cheese slicer including with carbon nanotube for a wire that is designed to improved slices of frozen cells.

Additional Consideration about Cheese Slicer


This types of cheese slicer come with stainless steel cutting wire, and you will find it dishwasher friendly. This stainless steel makes it durable.

The Stylish Handle

It is formed from zinc alloy. It is a well built professional style tool that every good cook uses.

Heavy Duty of the Adjustable Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer will slice any kinds of cheese to meet your personal preferences. It will control the thickness of the cheese very carefully that makes the recipe delicious.

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The cheese slicer keeps cheese so cool at just the right temperature that guest can enjoy fresh appetizers. Cheese slicer that cuts through soft and hard cheese leave out for guest at their leisure.

So how to use cheese slicer is a must for those who want to make can make his dishes delicious. For the cheese enthusiast in your life cheese Slicer is the perfect accessory.

This slicer offers absolute comfort, optimal functionality and is designed with a focus on aesthetic. Don’t let to be wait buy a real cheese slicer know well how to use it and enjoy your everyday dishes.

We also talked about using a Meat Slicer, You can review our article to know more about it.

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