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Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor Reviews

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It’s not so easy to find out the best Food Processor that can fulfill all your expectation you like in it. So, why talking about Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor?

However, we already meet with some top food processor in the market and here we don’t like to say like, these will be perfect for any user.

But a clean discussion of both advantage and disadvantage, rating, customer experience can assist in your the perfect decision-making way.

Let’s dive in this Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor Review and enable your judgment point.

This Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor comes with an Innovative serrated knife, Reversible shredding disc, kneading tool, Adjustable slicing disc, chopping blade and citrus press that shows the cause why customers like this as his food processor.

It’s motor comes with Powerful 1000 watt. Dishwasher safe accessories, Metal double balloon beater and Citrus juicer for fresh orange are also available with this.

Moreover, Philips HR7782/01 has an impressive list of attachable parts. No need to mention about Pulse function.

Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor

Product Description

Reversible Shredding Disc

Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor has reversible shredding disc that ensures carrots, onions and potatoes are grated within a second. It will help you to include more fiber and vitamin into your diet.

Powerful 1000 Watt Motor

Philips HR7782/01 has a robust and powerful motor (1000 watt), this can slice, blend, shred, knead and juice any ingredient quickly. No effort needed from you to operate this Best Food processor.

Metal Double Balloon Beater

It’s double metal balloon beater can easily make perfectly whipped cream and fluffy egg whites. Use speed one to get best results, which can ensure most fluffy results.

Adjustable Slicing Disc

It’s slicing disc is easily adjustable that enable for the variety of different thicknesses. It saves time by reducing meal preparing time. Gives us more time to spend with family in our busy life.

Innovative Serrated Knife

Philips HR7782/01 has an innovative serrated knife that can make instant “ice creams” even from frozen berries, honey, and yogurt in seconds.

Dishwasher Safe Accessories

No one likes to spend his busy time to washing up accessories. The accessories in this food processor range are therefore quite dishwasher safe.

Moreover, Citrus juicer for fresh orange and Jamie Oliver recipes are also available in this Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor.

Highlighted Features

  • Metal double balloon beater (for egg whites and cream)
  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Adjustable slicing disc for thin to thick slices
  • Serrated knife for quick frozen deserts
  • Excellent Reversible shredding disc
  • Suction feet included on base unit
  • Pulse function


  • Philips HR7782/01 is perfect for cake makin
  • A great kitchen shortcut
  • Able to speed up meal preparation
  • Suitable for kneading
  • Capacity of its bowl bigger than the others
  • There is a neat cord storage solution
  • It is easy to use for all


  • It seems quite noisy because of its powerful motor. But most of the time a careful user can avoid this.
  • Cheese get trapped between the blades and lid while girding. It struggles with cheese. So, the user shouldn’t fill with a lot of cheese at once if he likes to avoid this awkward situation.

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Final Thoughts

This Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor may be not perfect or certainly ideal for every user. We hope this Philips HR7782/01 Jamie Oliver Food Processor Review and help you to get the real picture of both sides.

We found Philips HR7782/01 is a simple solution when you are looking for ease to use, great speed and create the meal in a hurry.

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