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What Are The Best Longboard Brands In 2022

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You have to understand that selecting the best longboard brands can be a challenging task to do especially when you get to check out all the longboards that you have to consider.

You might be amazed to understand that these longboards have different features that can fit your various needs. 

As the demand and the need for longboard has increased, a lot of manufacturers and companies are making more longboards that people can select from successfully.

You will find various models that are fully prepared with technology and features that may be different from the longboards that are used to.

Even though it may seem tough for you, you have to keep in mind that you can get to know several longboards successfully.

There is a big possibility that once you get to understand the various features that are available, you will know what you actually need and you can select the one that best fits you and your requirements.

It will be wonderful if you could now find out the different longboard brands that are available to help you narrow down your search and at last make an important decision.

Keep in mind that the best brands for longboard that you are going to select is something that you can use for a long.

Top 5 Best Longboard Brands for 2022

When we decided our top 5 best longboard brands list, we considered in everything. The Internet is enriched with thoughts and views about everything.

We spent plenty of time contrasting and filtering all of those opinions from various online longboarding communities like Silverfish, various facebook groups, magazines, reddit, as well as opinions from other riders we understand to put together our list.

Below you will find a short note about best longboard brands and their details.

Sector 9 Brand

Sector-9 Longboard

It constantly remains actually close to real skaters and learns how to cater to their every need, at the brand’s manufacturers started out as adjustable street skaters as well.

All the way back in 1993 they designed tuning up longboards on their own – making small developments that constructed a great difference.

Respectively, over the years, Sector 9 became a world famous brand with admirers all over the world and a few actually great boards. The best longboard brand names Sector 9 holds three products that skaters are really excited about this year.

The technical support and attractive design of this brand have recognized a highest score from the customer.

It has undefeated quality, riding style, size, overall performance, safety, and other relevant needs. You can rely on these Longboards if you have the budget.

Yocaher Brand


The Yocaher was established in 1975, California City, in Chino. Yocaher is definitely strength to classify with when it comes to longboards.

This company provides any longboard rider nearly anything and everything he or she requires.

Yocaher seems to be a stop shop for all. They sell parts, decks, bearings, brakes, and a classification of other customizable materials. Yocaher decks are more than standard.

They bring with them pretty styled longboard docks. Yocaher longboards are appropriate for the downhill cruising fans since the deck is of a highly strong maple wood.

A special attribute of Yocaher longboards is their surprising balancing. This comes in available in those long distance cruises and high acceleration times. 

The best longboard brands for beginners, Yocaher manufactures durable produces because of their sturdiness.

Yocaher, also known as a great longboard brand has its own t-tool. This is an instrument that offers one to assemble their entire longboard real time.

Their top five best longboards for cruising form Yocaher are the Yocaher professional, Special Graphic Complete longboard complete longboard Kicktail, Yocaher Punked Stained, and the Yocaher Drop Through.

Quest Brand


The Quest can be discussed as the best longboard brands 2018 you may choose.

What advancement for a Longboard brand in these competitive days! To examine their main problem, they have achieved this incredible position.

Though it features a little difference with Sector 9. They mainly focused on the basic customer needs collecting from the client opinions and for the same cause; they have been improving size, speed, performance, quality, design, and color.

The brand has always been well renowned so you can be sure that this is already trusted of its popularity.

Atom Brand


The Atom has also developed its position with their quality products and also the competitor of best affordable longboard brands.

You can simply keep confidence on these Longboards. They are always developing their product quality and thriving 

communication with potential and general customer. They offer an opportunity for choosing a wide range of style, design, color and price to the customer.

They offer an opportunity for choosing a wide range of style, design, color and price to the customer.

Landyacthz Brand

Landyacthz Longboard

Landyacthz is the maximum and most extensively known longboard brand in the world.

They do not maintain that name for anything. Since their starting in 2007, Landy has released nothing, but innovative decks and quality builds.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, the firm has proven their value many times over the year, sponsoring a few of the best riders out there and takes stand at tons of events around the world.

Their wide lineup comprises boards for every modality – from cruiser pintails for the newcomer, too choosy speed boards for leading downhill skaters.

Landyacthz has also extended to own a wheel and truck company, Hawgs and Bear in some respects.


There are plenty of longboarding brands out there that can make the purchasing process quite confusing.

Each of the unique brands is competing for your business, and it can seem nearly impossible to understand who to give your money to.

We desire that our list of best longboard brands help you in your buying scheme, either way – let’s know! We are concerned about feedback from longboarders like you.

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