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Gravity Fsx 1.0 Mountain Bike review

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Gravity Fsx 1.0

Having the best mountain bike that will help your movement to school or work is beneficial for not only for your health but also for your general well being. Either for a run or sport, most people find comfort in riding a bicycle.

Without considering your general health or well being some bikes will only satisfy your biking needs. Others will only move you from one place to another. In this article, we revealed the gravity fsx 1.0 dual full suspension mountain bike reviews for your satisfaction.

However this bike will satisfy your curiosity, take care your health and maintain your well being and will not dent your pocket. So keep going on this article and get better reviews.​

Our friends from Wes Bro have a detailed video on Gravity fsx 1.0, before reading our own guideline, just have a look what they got to say.​

With the biking innovation, the New In Box’ has astounded the market once again. They achieved this feat at this time throughout the innovative dual full suspension mountain bike gravity fsx. And it vows to take your biking experience to the next level.

This 26 inch of a bike is composed of advanced technology, high-quality components, and an outstanding craftsmanship promising that you will never forget the time you spend on riding this bike. So if you are curious about a mountain bike, just scroll down and read the gravity bikes review.​

Front And Rear Disk Brakes of Gravity Fsx 1.0 Mountain Bike

To begin with, you will find the gravity fsx as one of the safest mountain bikes on the market today. In the emergency situation to facilitate the efficient stoppage, it is fitted with both front and rear disk.

When you apply emergency brakes the mechanical disk brakes ensuring the bike that bit does not skid and keep it extremely safe. Whether you are riding uphill or downhill, these brakes seem to be ideal to make sure that you have an absolute control of your bike.​

Top Notch Technology

The gravity fsx 1.0 comes with CantiBeam Singlepivot technology as well as 24 speeds Shimano shifting which is found the oversized aluminum frame of the bike. To add step onto that the mountain bike belongs to a rear coil-over cartridge which is adjustable.

Apart from this, there is advanced Suntour fork that has conformable preload. And you will find all of the upgraded technological features of the bike for optimal proficiency and performance.​

Shimano Overload

You will find that the gravity fsx belongs to high-quality Shimano components throughout the bike because you can never go wrong with Shimano.

These will include 24-speed drive train for a cassette, brake levers, a front and rear derailleur for plane gear changes and effortless shifting. To work for a long time and flawlessly all of these components are certified.​

The Speed and Performance of Gravity Fsx 1.0 Mountain Bike

The 24-speed shifters gradually increase the speed of the bike and given the fact that in the market so far this is the maximum speed. This will not only makes it an ideal choice for competitions and sports but also satisfies the thrill of the speed freaks.​

Entry Level Dual Suspension of Gravity Fsx 1.0 Mountain Bike

Another excellent feature of the dual full suspension mountain bike is referred to as its dual suspension feature. Unlike the hard tail model or the rigid bikes, the dual suspension feature comes with an additional comfort, loose surfaces and especially on rugged terrains.

Especially on the rocky and Rooty mountain trails, this will act as a great shock absorber. Besides these, this also makes it easy for overweight or bulky people to ride the bike without accomplishing their comfort.​

26 Inches of Wheels

Because of their lightweight, the 26 inch of wheels on the bike are preferred by long distance riders. However, they provide you a smooth ride. Because of its authority to maneuver loose and rough surfaces, it is also very simple to control especially for first-time riders.​

Design and Size of Gravity Fsx 1.0 Mountain Bike

The gravity mountain bikes come with a rugged design for a rough terrain. To the saddle road on a straight line, the frame of the bike is designed such a way that directly links to the handlebars. And this will firmly be cementing the strength of the bike.

The metallic silver color is aesthetically lucrative and providing it a cool look. An additional feature of the product dimension is referred to 15 ” x 17 ” x 19 “x 21”. The shipping weight of this product is 35 pounds.​


  • Due to the high-quality disk brakes on both wheels
  • It has dual suspension forks that make it comfortable
  • For tall people, it has an adjustable saddle
  • It comes with pre-assembled that makes it easier to the nonexpert


  • It has a small saddle that may be unbearable for some people

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Final Verdict

The gravity fsx 1.0 is an excellent entry level full suspension bike. And this will outshine any kinds of the departmental store who bought a bike in sight.

For the beginners, the consumers are astonished by the pricing of the bike since they figure out it among the most affordable. It’s a relation to between the quality and features of the bike.​

Due to the double suspension feature, consumers also think that this is one of the most comfortable bikes on the market. It can be said that you cannot beat the quality of this price.

These superior, smooth and affordable gravity mountain bikes will not let you down. So, Now consumers are concerned, it is therefore a good buy.​

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