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How To Choose The Most Expensive Longboard The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Best Longboard Skateboard

Are you looking for the most expensive longboard? Nowadays Longboarding is becoming more and more popular as an extreme version of skateboarding.

And thanks to its best manufacturers, the longboard comes with more traction, durability, and stability.

The angle of turn and construction of longboards make them greater for coasting long distances and cruising than skateboards.

The idea of longboarding sprouted when Hawaiian surfers aspire to move their hobby to land, mostly in the course of times when the waves were too small for excellent surf.

In this article, we are going to provide you the ultimate information about ” How to Choose the most expensive Longboard ” and the in particular most expensive one. And after discussing with the longboard rider and personally experienced with this longboard for a longer period below here, we make the sum of informative information about the most expensive longboard trucks.

Similar to a skateboard a longboard is a type of sports equipment but seems to be much longer. Frequently faster because of wheel size. Longboards are used for downhill racing, cruising, slalom racing, dancing, sliding, transport and long distance racing.

How To Choose The Most Expensive Longboard for the Beginners

From the very past time the Longboard Corporation has been the progressive manufacturer of longboard equipment. The company is well renowned for its high standard products and outstanding after sales services due to which it has been the most researched after brand for longboards throughout the online.

In today’s market the Vanguard Loaded Longboard is one of the most expensive longboard offering you the best among the others into the competitive market. With cutting edge technology it boasts high end features that make it an applied choice over various types of precision longboard trucks present in the market.

The sleek design makes sure the stability that makes it probable for the rider even at high speeds to experiment with his riding style. Let us take a closer look at all the pros and cons and longboard parts guide about Vanguard Loaded Longboard that imply the most expensive one.

Atom Drop Through Longboard, 10 .6x 41.7 Inches

I am helping to you to find out the best longboard brands and solutions since you are a skating enthusiast.

I will provide you with the best and trusted reviews, services, and information for your longboard needs. Since you are striving to find out a board that provides amazing service with its body.

Its Atom again the best brand that suits your needs. Like others Longboard from the Atom longboard brand, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard is offering you a smooth, safe, funny and speedy riding.Let’s take a look all about atom drop through longboard review.

Atom Longboard

The Atom Drop Through Longboard seems to be the best longboard products in the skating world. It has already achieved the popularity in the town. It will be definitely worth your money and make your boarding amazing.

You will feel excellent and comfortable to play with its great design in the body. It will provide you the speed and stability you need in a longboard .The used material of this board not only well suited for the riders but also exceptional.

In this board, you will get balance and stability that makes it amazing to the beginners. You may usage this board for multipurpose such as free riding, surfing, downhill riding, cruising, and more.

Benefits of Atom Drop Through Longboard

The journey of longboarding throughout this Atom Drop Longboard offering you super friendly services and a few benefits which are breathtaking given below:

Stability of the Atom Drop Longboard

In these sorts of boards, the hardware is associated on the top of the atom longboards drop deck, more than the bottom. It will cause you feel that you are approaching the ground.

This Longboard can simply be used for cruising, leisurely strolls around town or a super fast way of transportation around campus.

Full maple laminate deck

Most of the users think about best drop deck longboard as one of the key features of a board, and this is what Atom Drop Longboard comes with! You will find the board flexible, durable and stronger with its full maple laminated deck.

Tight Bushings

You will find some users who do not like the fact that the bushings are tight enough. They can still be loosened to ensure you enjoy using the product the way you like it.

The maneuverability of Atom Drop Through

Atom Drop-Through Longboard appears with a significant feature, and that is the Reverse Kingpin trucks with 245 mm axles. These are extremely available when cruising and bombing in hills. This is because of its best stability and maneuverability.

Atom Drop Longboard Bearings

Enjoy some comfort and smooth boarding with the ABEC 9 bearing; you would like to experience some incredible cruise distances.

Unique perimeter shape of the Atom Drop longboard

Another quality feature of the atom drop through longboard 41 that will attract you is its standard perimeter shape. It features 10.6-inch leverage that assists to get rid of wheel bite. With this longboard you can do an incredible job in maintaining a stability of the rider; you can hope that you will not fall off easily.

Affordable of price

This Atom Drop longboard is affordable and easy to drive.

Urethane wheels of this longboard

The urethane wheels feature plenty of benefits. It will help you in fast and easy of riding any types of surfaces; even on various soft surfaces like metal, marble, wood and half pipes. You can usage the board everywhere you would like without any trouble.

Features I Like Most

  • Ultra-low-riding longboard makes sure maximum stability
  • Comfort of pushing takes wear and tear out of around-town commutes
  • High-quality 80S grip tape
  • Full maple laminate deck
  • ABEC 9 bearings with high-speed lubricant
  • Reverse King Pin Longboard trucks along with 245-millimeter axles
  • one-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Comfort and stable
  • Available in a variety range of colors
  • The design reduces all chance of wheel bite
  • It offers a great and easy to find the foot position
  • Looks pretty cool
  • Symmetrical, unlike pintails


  • Weight is slightly more
  • It features less flex due to compact structure

As a rider, you can easily depend on Atom Drop Through Longboard. This Longboard is a great one for the riding seeking person. It also comes with a lot of colors.

So if you prefer performance or design, you can easily select this longboard without any doubt that can please both beginners as well as professionals. You may use this Atom Drop Through for a very long time without any complications.

Specification for a great longboard

Than meets the eye there is a lot more to a great longboard. They all come in different sizes, shapes, construction and features to suit a variety of riding styles based on capabilities of the riders.

A special longboard should feature a flexible design that should back up all sorts of riding styles along with adequate amount of space for new trucks.

It should feature a constant are deck ensuring stability and safety on rugged roads as well adds to the riding experience at high speeds.

Unlike the shape and design, the wheels be able to play a vital role in determining the performance of your board. If you be more partial to engraving over downhill then, the longboard should feature soft and wide wheels which will assist it to tackle all types of crevices and cracks on the road.

While a longboard chiefly designed for downhill will feature confined wheels with a solid surface to yield maximum pace without accomplishing with your safety.

Vanguard Loaded Longboard is a summation of all these features assembling it one of the most expensive longboards accessible in the market.

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The Review of Loaded Bamboo Vanguard 42″ Longboard


The first thing that will apprehend your eye is the beautifully designed arch on the spine and hyper aggressive of this stunning board. Making the deck more stable for riding it boasts convex camber rings that complement the concave rails.

Wheels and Riding Style

The wheels seem to be placed beautifully placed on the edge of the truck including with obtrusive tail ends bearing in mind the images of a stretch out racer with sharp claws. The board was made with oak but now features a superior vertical laminate.

The board is planned around the wheel and truck setup that was used in tradition longboards that offers it a distinctive riding style worthy for all styles of riding. A compression and tenderness of grip due to the curved deck offering the rider to assessment with his skating style providing him sufficient amount of space for tempting new tricks.

Additional Feature

On other distinct feature that practices Vanguard the most expensive longboard is its vertical laminate bamboo design. And this design is sandwiched between triaxial fiberglass and lightweight aluminum plates. The entire process symbolizes as an eco-friendly design and wastage loss except accommodating with the quality standards of the board.

The truck is composed of five point pivot joints which are mainly designed to the complaint the carving style of riders implies that the rider will be able to hold on those curvy edges and slopes without any kind of difficulty.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with an eco-friendly design
  • The truck consists of five point pivot joints
  • It boasts convex camber rings
  • The most expensive longboards available in the market


  • This product comes with free shipping of cost
  • Vanguard Loaded Longboard is a durable, unique and highly reliable longboard
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty including all parts with truck and deck
  • The sleek, lightweight design makes it suitable for carving and downhill styles of riding
  • It is better for its excellent 24×7 after sales services


  • The lack of solid wheels that may cause a slight problem for nonprofessional riders

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What is the Difference between Longboard and Skateboard?

Deck Size

Between longboard and skateboard deck size is the most apparent distinction between the longboard being both wider and longer than the skateboard.


Longboards are generally ranged from 33 inches to 59 inches while there is no accurate length. The width range in between 9 inches to 10 inches.


The skateboards are generally ranged between 28 to 33 inches in length and 7 inches to 10.5 inches in width.

Wheel Size

The wheels on a skateboard are comparatively narrower and smaller than those on a longboard. The wheel sizes range of the longboard between 2.6 inches to 4.2 inches. On the contrast, the skateboard wheel sizes range from 1.9 inches to 2.9 inches.


Compared to the skateboards longboards have a longer wheelbase. This seems to be the case mostly due to the board size. The longer wheelbase on the longboard offers excellent support.


The longboard is used for commuting or offer cruising. And the skateboard is used in the performance of different tricks.


All-inclusive, longboards achieve higher speeds than skateboards. Their design can state this variety. The in total dimensions of the longboard admit for the accomplishment of more durability at high speed even though the board is comparatively higher above ground because of larger wheels than the skateboard.

On the other hand, the skateboard is designed to achieve overall ease of fast maneuverability and a lower center of gravity.

Terrain Suitability

While longboarding and skateboarding can be performed in generally similar skateboarding, by the design of the board, terrains mostly limited to even terrains than longboarding.

The softer and larger wheels of the longboard permit the longboarder to ride longer distances. And compared to skateboards at higher speeds with relative comfort.

Final Verdict

If you are impassioned about longboarding, then Vanguard Loaded Longboard is all you required. It is the exact mix of traditional design and high end features making it the first choice for any rider.

It does not matter if you are an expert rider who is looking for an adventure or a novice learning his way to longboard, Vanguard Loaded Longboard has something to fit the needs of every rider.

Along with wide wheels, the steady deck design will ensure you enjoy your ride while the lifetime warranty offered by the most expensive longboard as Vanguard Loaded Longboard.

According to the reviews of different pro riders and based on my personal experience this product provides you with much needed peace of mind.

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