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How To Use Baby Beach Tent– Start From Scratch

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Moms used to think about taking their babies to the beach because of damaging sun rays on baby’s loving skin.

The baby beach tent answers a lot of troubles for busy moms who want to enjoy time at the beach or pool. But a question arises in your mind, how to use baby beach tent.

Before reading our how to use guide; You can check our top Baby Beach Tent reviews.

A beach tent provides a spot of shade for your baby and saves from kicked-up sand, blustery winds and annoying bugs. Baby beach tents open in seconds, and that is beneficial for moms who have their hands full inspecting little ones.

The baby loves to play in the beach tent, and it keeps them cool and protected. Use the tent in combination with lots of sunscreens, a sun hat, and you will be in great shape to take the entire family to a day at the beach.

Important questions to ask yourself when purchasing a baby sun tent

  • Do you need a beach tent just for your family or for your baby?
  • Will the tent give defense from UV rays or simply provide shade?
  • Does the baby tent have worthy ventilation or will it heat up such as oven?
  • Are there other features in the tent like stakes and sand pockets to keep up its stability?
  • How many children you have? And how old is your child? Also, if you are buying a family beach tent, how many Childs are there in your family?
  • How many time and effort you can perform to setting up the baby tent for beach?
  • What is the comfort zone of your child? Which style will best fit your need?

What Should You Understand About Baby Beach Tents?

We are all conscious of what a sunscreen does, are not we? It saves our skin and confines sunburns. But using a sunscreen on your baby’s very sensitive skin is not such a great idea now, is it?

You will find chemicals added to that thing, so the possibilities of skin allergies are quite high. So what is the choice? It is purchasing the best infant beach tent.

This worthy piece of materials keeps your child away from the damaging rays of the sun. But you should realize that such tents never have a large size. They are small tents perfect for a child.

However, manufacturers struggle very hard to make sure that every baby using it feels like a king or queen inside it.

Do kids enjoy using beach tents?

No guardian wants to purchase the best baby beach tool that their child would not use, right? Not every baby likes to waste time inside a tent when outdoors.

But that does not stop you from buying a beach sun shelter and bringing it to the beach. At first, Childs do throw some bad modes when said to stay under the shade of the tent. But it changes along with time.

Soon they are going to love spending all that time alone in their own tent. It is because everyone likes to feel great and have their own personal space, do not they?

What are the benefits of a Baby Beach Tent?

You will find many reasons why spending in a piece of equipment like this is a great idea. And we are sure that you realize all the clear reasons. But what you possibly do not know is that the selection procedure may not be that easy.

It might get a little confusing due to the different options now available. So it is important to choose a sun tent for baby that offers the best experience in terms of all details.

To help you make a greater choice, we have listed some important factors to take into contemplation. So let’s take a look the benefits of best baby beach tent.

Convenience of the kids beach tent

This comes in the configuration of a lightweight design. When the baby beach tent is lightweight, it is convenient and easy to carry.

Getting to the beach with the best baby beach tool should not be a tiresome or physically challenging job.

Finally thanks to the advancement of technology, most of the baby beach tents feature a lightweight design.

Sun Protection of the baby shade tent

For an extended period sun exposure causes harmful sunburns. The situation is even worse when the skin is highly sensitive.

Therefore you want to ensure that your baby is well protected at the beach. The shade that a tent offers protects him or her away from the sun rays.

It provides defense on all four sides. If he or she is inside the baby beach tent there is no way the sun rays will reach your kid.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

When something as difficult as a baby beach tent is easy to put up and take down, it is a blessing.

The best choices listed in the article never take more than 2-3 seconds to setup and pack up. So this is something you should bear in mind when shopping a baby beach tent.

Stability of the baby sun shade tent

Many barriers can pull down a baby beach tent. These comprise heavy winds and the baby itself trying to lay it down. So in such incidents, you need something that digs deep within the sand.

This provides the costly gear a firm hold. The best baby beach tent is made with rods or pegs to make sure maximum stability.

Floor Protection of the best baby beach tent

The beach tent should preferably have a floor. The sand is a harmful for a baby, as it can get into her mouth and eyes. Sand can also irritate her sensitive skin, so ensure to protect the tent as sand-free as possible.

Ensure that baby stays away from the water that the flow will not reach the tent after some hours on the beach.

The crazy wind

Let us face it. The beach is the breezy places on earth. You may get it refreshing but your baby is not a fan of the wind as his skin is sensitive and prone to dryness and irritation. The baby beach tent is the only way to save your baby form a crazy wind.

Ventilation of the beach baby tent

Only the harmful rays can’t get in but it does not mean that fresh air should not enter. So you need to buy a tent with sufficient number of openings.

These confirm all the fresh air to enter your baby’s little castle on the beach. This also applies in keeping them cool during a hot sunny day.

Save you from annoying insects

Do you have an idea what I dislike the most about the beach? It is full of insects. From boring flies to painful wasps and bees, to creepy hairy spiders, to biting mosquitoes – all of them finding around the beach. And a baby beach tent will save you from these annoying insects.

What to consider before buying the Best Beach Tent for Baby?

The baby tents for the beach come in numerous styles, sizes and shapes. Due to the endless choices, many buyers get overwhelmed and end up buying the wrong one.

To make the choice easier, you must think about particular aspects. This way you can make the appropriate choice. There are some of the most significant factors given below:

Material and Quality of the beach sun tent

Many high standard tents are constructed of polyester fabric or polyurethane as these components are not only weather resistant, but also light up to some extent.

The class of fabric utilized is an important aspect to think about as the atmosphere inside the tent completely depends on the material used.

Usually beach tents for baby appear with UPF protection. There is a coating in this the fabric that prevents the damaging Ultra violet rays.

The extreme portion of tent is almost coated as it is more exposed. Nevertheless, tents with no coating on the sides will allow greater comfort.

The fabric seems to be very rugged and of high quality, as you is going to spend a handsome amount of money. Better quality fabric and frame will make sure better lasting in the long run.

Set up of the toddler beach tent

If you are not a specialist at setting up tents that need top hand adjustment then you may realize the problems you could face when you have to set up a tent.

You cannot only take a risk of damaging your baby’s tent. To avoid such bad condition, it is highly suggested to choose a baby beach tent that can easily be installed and taken down.

Size of the beach shade for baby

Purchasing the right size is very significant. The tent is not essential simply to place your baby in, but it must have a comfortable space for your baby to play around.

If you are purchasing a family beach tent, think about the number of children and adults who are going to use the tent.

Purchasing unnecessarily huge tent is not a great idea if you have a small family or if you need the beach tent simply for a child.

Style and Color of the infant tent

Usually there are three types of beach tents:

Pop Up Tents

This type of tent is in the shape of tarpaulin, which can be transformed into a shade. Pop up tent is easy to organized and use. After a long day these can also be packed with least effort.

They are very light weight to carry around. These can be weighed down by sandbags to keep up stability. Nevertheless, pop up tents can be way more costly that other types of beach tents.

Cabana Tents

Cabana tents can provide a strong shade, while also offering an accurate view of the ocean as they are enough open at one side. The opening of most brands of beach cabana tent can be zipped if you need some privacy.

These tents are extremely convenient and have self-assembling feature. They feature high SPF coating and provide extra protection from sun.

Canopy Tents

If you have a big family and love to enjoy a picnic at the beach then the large canopy models are best for you. Usually the small ones are suitable for 2 to 3 adults. Canopy tents can be big enough for a party or other events.

Nevertheless, organizing this type of tent needs some people and can take a huge time. If you have a baby and want to save the baby from any contact with the sand, then it is perfect to go for a baby beach tent with compact floor.

Again, if you have a child who loves to make sandcastles whole day then it is perfect to get a kids sun tent without floor.

Beach tent for kids feature wide range of designs and colors, so it would not be difficult for you to get the one that suits your taste.

A bright colored tent is suitable for children, while some children may insist on having a certain color, so it is best to involve then while choosing one.


Without the best baby beach tent traveling to the beach means making life more troublesome. If you demand the experience to be pleasant and safe, then you should think about buying a baby beach tent.

The baby beach tent is a great option for kids at the beach. After having a little research, I’m sure that you could get a good tent for your baby. Enjoy yourself with this baby beach tent.

Any questions post a comment and I’ll probably get back to you.

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