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Penny Board Vs Longboard – Tips For Making The Right Choice

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penny board vs longboard

Do you know the comparison between Penny Board Vs Longboard in the skateboarding world? The fun and excitement of skateboarding are returning to our streets, but at present with a little variation in the design of the board.

In the last five years, we all have seen the expression of a skateboard from something used to be a basic wooden plank with mini wheels to soft rubber tires with high-end long deck boards with known as the longboards.​

If we further do a few research, we will find the entirely new category of these boards made with high standard durable plastic that is similar to the boards from 1970’s. These boards are named after Penny Boards and are obtaining an immense popularity among the youth.​

As a non-professional rider, it is quite tricky to select between the two designs. In This article, we discuss penny board vs. longboard that will help you to choose the right one for your riding style; and will give you in-depth knowledge.​

A closer look about longboard: A longboard seems to be a highly modified form of the traditional skateboard. It comes with wooden deck features that can make out of materials like bamboo, maple wood or oak rely on the shape and design of the board.

These boards are usually longer than the classic skateboards that make it simple for the newbie to riding them except any crucial issues. To suits your needs of all types of riders these are available in different sizes and shapes of the board.​

So, Mounted at the back for more stability and controlled the trucks are made up of aluminum. So for a beginner who confused about longboard vs. cruiser, then a longboard is the way to go.​

What is a Penny Board?

Many of us must be acquainted with the term skateboard, but Penny board seems to be the latest addition to the lot. Penny Boards are made up of plastic. They are focused on bringing back the traditional style of skateboarding.​

These are exceptionally designed to accommodate the rider to bring about tricks and tricky moves involving high speeds or highly sharp turning radius.

The deck size is comparatively small making it a bit of harder for the novice to ride and claims high-risk factor due to a weak grip.​ 

Penny Boards seem to be well renowned for their standard built and novelty that have earned an enormous popularity in the recent years making them a perfect choice for high adventure and short rides.​

Therefore, if you are an adventure lover with a lot of knowledge, then Penny Boards will be the perfect match for all your needs. In a battle of penny board vs. longboard, penny boards have an extreme if you are enjoying for some excitement and danger.​

Penny Boards Vs. Longboards

The differences in between penny board vs. longboard lead them to be very well at different things. We will break it down.​

Penny Board

Penny Board seems to be great for an ideal match bare-bones commuting. They simply less weight than most of the longboards. They have a smaller size that permits them to fit into backpacks or even hang from the outside of the backpacks easily.​

One benefit for penny boards is the extensive variety of designs that they come available in. On any particular board, there are above of 20 different designs that are made to be stand out and vibrant. And Penny boards are also seemed to be cheap.​


On other hands, Longboards can be great for all sorts of riding. Longboards also will provide you more space for your feet. With the same price like penny boards, it comes at a cheap rate.​ And with a combination of versatility and high quality, longboards can be hard to beat.

Which One Should You Buy?

Penny Original Skateboard

The most significant part to make your riding experience full of fun and excitement is the selection of your skateboard. We know, The never ending debate about penny board vs. longboard has left the rides in a fix whether to go for a longboard or a penny board.​

Consequently, a rider needs to think about a lot of factors before purchasing a skateboard that will support him to expand his talent and skill in the long run.

From the very first of the entire rider should be very clear about his body dynamics and the riding style which will affect the board to a great enlarge.​

Penny boards are meant for expert riders who are pleasant with short boards and do not shy away from risks connected with riding. If you are going for adventure and want to do all the novel tricks then, penny board is the way to go.​

​So, I think you are a novice and who is ready to go for a board that will assist you to release your way to skateboarding without any key risks, then a longboard is an ideal match.

With the wider wheels that make sure stability and safety to the riders, it has a longer board without comprising with the fun of the sport.

Once you are blissful with a longboard, the next move can be enquired into with the penny boards. But if you have no concept of what exactly you want from your board or what you are doing, then you should clearly play it safe by acquiring a longboard.​

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Final Verdict

Both longboards and penny boards have their pros and cons to their own. It relies on the rider and his riding style that will assist in fixing which among the two is best fitted for all his needs.​

Penny boards are mostly designed to keep up the needs of pro skaters who flips and fancy tricks while longboards target the nonspecialists who are looking for a constant board to kick off their riding career.​

Consequently, penny board vs. longboard will help you to make the right choice between the two and improve your riding experience as well as add on to your skills.

Finally, I hope that you will able to gather all about regarding penny boards and long boards from the above article that satisfied your demand.​

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