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Top Brands of Mountain Bike 2022 – Best Selling Brands in The World

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Remember when you were plowing through puddles and a kid jumping off curbs on your bike? How pleasant was that and today things are even better? You

You can hit some serious jumps, get dirty and bomb down hills your parents would never have let you try back then. Of course, all that current needs that you have a ride that is up to the challenge.

Mountain bikes now are surprisingly well engineered. We have searched top brands of mountain bike from this year.​ They are so much stronger, lighter and smoother than ever before so when you get the best mountain bike, your ride works for you instead of against you.

Finding the best mountain bike brands 2022 is important because mountain bikers often go off-roading. Based on function and features below you will find top mountain bike brands that best suit your needs.​

Top Brands Mountain Bike

What are the Benefits of Mountain Biking?

Biking seems to be a cardiovascular exercise that can be a fun and social activity as well. Want more thoughts why you should find on the best mountain bike and enjoy riding? Read on!​

Helps to Build Leg Strength

Biking is incredibly great for developing calf, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles. Not only that, but it also fits your tendons well protected.​

Biking Helps to Burn Fat

When your heart rate is around 65 to 75% of its maximum, then congratulations. You are going to burn fat. You just ensure that you are in between the 65 to 75% range, purchase a heart rate monitor watch and observe that heart rate rise.​

Works Your Cardiovascular System

Your cardiovascular system includes both of your heart and lungs too. When you practice particular exercises like cycling, it functions both your heart and your lungs, ensuring them work more effectively even when you are not exercising.​

Non-Load Bearing

Cycling and swimming are similar because when you participate in these activities, your figure is being supported. This equalizes to pressure off your joints, decreasing the possibility of injury as you exercise.​

If you are enjoying back into exercise after getting better from an injury, participation in non-load bearing performances is the best way to get back into the fitness routine.​

Social Exercise

What is best about mountain biking is that you could do it with a group or alone. If you are going to look for a fun way to catch up with a friend, or if you need to be part of a fitness group that helps one another and hold each other responsible, mountain biking seems to be the best way to do all of the above.​

What are the Features of Mountain Bikes?

Types of Mountain Bikes

Trail mountain bikes are for any rough path, from single-track trails to dirt roads. Many of the individuals who rides them are trail riders.

Every mountain bikes are identical to the trail but are made for uphill descents, developed the ability to clear obstacles and enjoy small jumps.​

These have strong and full-suspension frames. Cross country bikes are mostly used in competition with steep climbs and difficult turns in mind.​

They are not at all efficient of jumps and landings. Downhill bikes and Free rides are meant to go down fast descents, absorbing the influence of any obstacles along the way.

Riding up hills are not so fun. Dirt jump bikes are for commonly for stunts, which riders often act aerial stunts on.​

Suspension Types

Hardtail bikes feature a suspension fork just on its front wheel. It will cut down on hand and arm fatigue. Bikers that ride hardtails will also enjoy upgraded steering and control over uneven trails.

They are offered for beginners, all-purpose use, and occasional trail riding. Full suspension bikes feature hardtails including the rear wheel suspended by a rotating frame.​

These are normally heavier and more expensive. But these are more comfortable to ride. Full suspension riders feature greater control of their bike over hard trails and at high speeds.​

These bikes are commonly for those that ride plenty of dirt trails, or those that desire to ride fast over tough terrain.​

Wheel Size

Every mountain bikes are featuring the same wheel size around 26 inches. It is still one of the most favorable sizes on the market. 29-inch versions are slower and heavier to accelerate.​

Nevertheless, these maintain the momentum better once you get up to speed. Other advantages comprise a better contact with the trail and the efficiency to roll over barriers on the trail quickly.​

A 27.5-inch bicycle, also named 650b, is better between 26 and 29 inches bicycles. 27.5-inch rolls over barriers greater than 26 inches, but is lighter than their 29-inch siblings. These bikes are lively like 26-inch ones but durable like 29-inch bikes.​

Frame Composition

The most popular frame composition is an aluminum alloy. Another bike frames are built with titanium, steel and carbon fiber. Steel ones are durable and comparatively affordable, but heavy.​

Titanium has a better combination of lightness and strength but is very expensive. Carbon fiber types are also light and durable but are quite expensive as well.​


Components are parts that fix to the frame. These may comprise drive train, wheels (rims, axles, hubs and spokes), suspension and brakes.​


Many mountain bikes feature disc brakes instead of rim brakes. Rim brakes are mostly found on beginner bicycles and including pads that grip onto the rims of the wheels.​

There are two types of disc brakes: cable-activated and hydraulic. Hydraulic offers secured braking without enough rider effort.​

These synthesize themselves as the brake pad wears. Cable-activated needs manual adjusting as the brake pads wear down.​


The number of gears moves from single speed to 30. The range of gearing is significant, as it impacts what steepness (uphill and downhill) in which you can ride except running out of gears to usage.​

Top 7 Brands of Mountain Bike Reviews 2022

Considering which bike to get is not as a consequence an easy decision. There are plenty of standard brands out there, and you will need to get something that suits your budget.​

Finally, the great thing you can do is get out and test drive different types of models so I cannot suggest that you use this top 7 brands of mountain bike as the optimum authority on what to purchase.​

Instead, usage it as a better starting point that will end with you enjoying great toy you can control usage to tear up the trails. Here are the top 7 bike brands given below:​

1. Giant

Giant Brands of Mountain Bike

Giant bikes are synonymous with excellent quality, leading technologies at unbeatable prices in the world of cycling.

You will find experts in high-level road cycling and ride mountain biking on Giant bike. They are also one of the best mountain bike for the money for travelers and leisure cyclists.

Giant was founded in 1972 with one particular goal in mind: to develop the riding experience better for people all around the world.

The craftsman and engineers that introduced Giant wanted to follow three guidelines with each bike creation: craftsmanship, innovation, and inspiration.​

Giant under top brands of mountain bike seeks to establish new levels of performance and takes pride in all of their creations and comforts. This in order with their three guidelines has assumed riders to fall in love with their Giant bikes.​

They were the first company to launch an affordable carbon fiber bike. They could be used by the conventional public and continue to provide high standard mountain bikes at reasonable costs.​

Giant provides a very wide range to select from and with over 12,000 retail stores and a huge online presence, Giant mountain bikes are almost everywhere.​

The mountain bikes of Giant aim to be a little smoother and a little faster than competitors, and besides to the use of durable materials, lightweight, Giant has made a name for itself around the world.​

Their usage of design and technology offers an ease of use and comfort that all bikers, beginners, and long experienced hobbyists, can agree on.​

The fact that Giant has manufactured to such a huge customer base from around the world clearly means they are not going away anytime soon.​

According to their namesake’s means, they are ‘giant,’ and this mountain bike company cheers up you with their slogan to ‘Ride Life. Ride Giant’.​

2. Trek

Trek Mountain Bike

Trek Bicycle Corporation is a crucial bicycle and cycling product producer and distributor under brand names Trek.

Trek has enhanced a household name in the mountain biking community. They offer their line of mountain bikes in thirty countries. They seem to be the best mountain bike brand to buy.

Trek under the list of top brands of mountain bike promised from day one to bring high levels of craftsmanship and quality to each creation. They start their journey in 1976 with two friends.

Trek inspires you to overcome any trail using one of their finely tuned bikes. Their mountain bike line ranges from Cross Country, Enduro, Sport, Downhill, Trail, and Dual mountain bikes.​

Trek also usages their recognized innovations on all of their bikes, not only the high-end ones. This offers users the opportunity to pick the bike that can provide the best performance according to their needs.​

The open road, Adventure, freedom, and the community are all sources of inspiration for the developers, designers, and engineers behind Trek’s manufactures.​

Social sustainability and responsibility are also very significant circumstances to the Trek Corporation and considering they are a world leader in utilizing the most leading technologies; you can feel better about a purchase from them.​

Understanding technology, adventure, and high performance are significant factors into the creation of their mountain bikes; riders look forward to riding anything from Trek.​

3. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Bike

Santa Cruz Bicycles is a producer of high-end mountain bikes founded in Santa Cruz, California and under mountain bike brands list for 2022.

They capture the images from the company vision to be smarter, better, and even a tad bit weirder than other contestants.

Since 1993 this California-based company has been hard at work making technologically advanced and unique mountain bikes. Nowadays they produce sixteen models, with a unique Juliana line for women.

Santa Cruz highly believes in the philosophy that promises and passion are what creates the best bikes.Experiencing at their line, you can inform right away that they put their words into exercise.​

Although their line is a bit smaller than most, they can provide full customization and offer a high standard mountain bike.​

The opening price tag is a bit expensive than most other top brands of mountain bike, but nearly their higher end bikes is more affordable than contestants. This offers every mountain bike newcomers a chance to ride a well-made work of apparatus.​

Not only that, the identical choice of colors will leave their mountain bikes exceptional look from a crowd. Since they also provide to speed those bright colors are commonly seen in a stain on the trail.​

4. Specialized

Specialized Brands of Mountain Bike

The Specialized is a California based company founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard has promised to provide every customer the ride of their lives and known as mountain bike brands best.

Everybody on the Specialized team is passionate about creating the bike that will offer you one of the greatest rides that you will ever expertise

Specialized desires to increase the riding experience by providing mountain bikes that will give you everything your ride needs.

From racing downhill to flying uphill, and utilizing all types of terrain, their mountain bike range covers all the foundations. In fact, the women’s line is engineered and designed by women who ride bikes for women clientele.​

Specialized also has continuous sustainability within their company and fights to protect the environment as much as possible throughout the total creative process. Specialized mountain bikes are indeed special and seem to be as good bike brands for cheap.

5. Cannondale

Cannondale Mountain Bike

Cannondale features in making dualism in their advanced lines. They desire to provide the cyclist a two in one quality bike that can acquire what the riders want and require- to love the climbs and to master the descents.

They are also the best mountain bike brands for beginners.

Utilizing the tool on their website to compare bikes side by side, you can just determine which points are for you and which ones are not.

Cannondale organizes aluminum and carbon into their frames to provide the durability and lightness that riders are looking.

They even go as far as utilizing the numbers three and six in the brand names as an immediate reference to the atomic numbers of these two elements.​

A technology they usage called ‘Hallowgram’ confirms for the crank and bottom bracket to consider eighty grams less and be 10% more rigid than Dura-Ace.

Cannondale mountain bikes are creations of technology and passion that will provide any cyclist an amazing ride on any trail.​

6. Scott

Scott  Bike

Beginning in 1958 as a skiing supply company, Scott shows us versatility and craftsmanship. Scott manufactured their first mountain bike in 1986.

They are a very technical company manufactured one of the most compelling products of the mountain bike world. They also feature as the good bike brands for commuting.

Nowadays they offer customers with certain geometry down to the millimeter for every part of the mountain bike and all size ranges.

This is a beautiful tool to get the custom pieces you would require to suit your personal needs. Scott’s slogan, ‘No Shortcuts’, is one that spreads across their overall business model.

They target to become smoothly available to all around the globe. Scott mountain bikes are aimed to be light due to the usage of carbon frames, and they even broke registers in 2001 for supplying the lightest carbon frame on the market.

7. Mongoose

Mongoose Mountain Bike

In the early 1980s BMX Products was one of the first bike companies to sponsor BMX racing and very early Mongoose bikes start to dominate the sport.

Mongoose rapidly achieved an international following as well, in 1983.

The French company Motobécane was authorized to manufacture and supply Mongoose bikes in Europe. Mongoose obtained the first-ever ABA National number1 Title in 1980.

It manufactures various models of mountain bikes, BMX, and street bicycles, creating enough use of light weight alloys and magnesium.​

This is a beautiful tool to get the custom pieces you would require to suit your personal needs. Scott’s slogan, ‘No Shortcuts’, is one that spreads across their overall business model.

They target to become smoothly available to all around the globe. Scott mountain bikes are aimed to be light due to the usage of carbon frames, and they even broke registers in 2001 for supplying the lightest carbon frame on the market.

Final Verdict

Top brands of mountain bike from 2022 have shown us quality, durability, and the need for speed. To choose the perfect bike amongst these top contestants is no easy chore.

Nevertheless, having put the mountain bike brands 2022 all on one site, we believe to put ease into your research for a bike that caters to your needs. Do not take too long before taking a decision; the trail awaits you.

We are eager to know seriously what you think. Have you got any of the brands we discussed? Which one you afford and how did it work out for you? Or what do you know about even better brands?​

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