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Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard Review

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Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Do you want to enjoy the breathtaking thrill of fast riding? You may buy the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard that meets your needs.

This product manufactured by Yocaher, a company started in 1975 and successfully launch their product till now. This company comes with years of experience and manufactures products of top quality and value.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard is durable and firm enough to carry heavy people. The longboard features stable and safe.

You can easily experiment several riding styles on a downhill cruise. The turning radius is secure, and the chance of accidents is minimum.

The exclusive design and features of the board allow for several styles of downhill, cruising, and free riding.It is suitable for riders who want to experience high speed.

The price of this long lasting board is quite low. The finish and design are beautiful, and you will love it. You are confident to make great savings with this purchase.

So let’s take a look of full review of this Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard.

What are the Features of Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard?

Top Wheel Design

The design of the wheels is excellent. The composition of the wheels is abec 7 chrome bearing, HD 7 trucks, 188mm hanger, and a wheelbase of 33”.

The dimension features 70mm by 52mm and 78A firmness level. Their place, which is well above the board, confines damage to both the wheel and the longboard.

Durability and Great Grip Tape with Defined Hardness

It features 80A rated black grip tape on the durometer. Your feet keep strongly in place, for longer. The grip tape which is long-lasting and you can even cover it with your concern if you do not like the real pattern.


Particularly when you think about that you will find people who have been using it for at least a couple of years.

Durability of Yocaher Longboard

From Canada, what do 9 layers of maple wood mean? When you think about that working with 7 could have been first-class, you know it is made for the longer run. It can take the casual fall or a few accidents.

Maneuverability & Turning Radii

It features 41” long and 9” wide. Particularly being so low with these dimensions makes it a maneuverable, durable and easily turning longboard.

But after that, you did not look for any less, did you? That is what longboards feature for bread and butter after all.

The Speed of Professional Yocaher Longboard Amazon

Expect to hit 30 miles an hour on your latest Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard? Obviously, you may go for it.

Completely! That is what the ‘Professional’ in its name wants you to do. If you are confirm footed, you can do better.

Looks & Appeal of this Professional Yocaher Longboard Drop Down

22 styles of graphic design understand one thing: there is one for all. Most of them are going to control eyeballs because invariably, almost all of them are bright shades of abstract art.

Design & Ergonomics of Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard

You stay a bit lower than where the trucks meet the deck. The 9” of width coupled with the curving, low set deck, mean plenty of stability is at hand.

The user friendly designs of these products are good if not great, and there truly is not much to complain about, mainly if you are a speed freak.

Moreover, if this is your first board, you do not need much else than what Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard has on offer.

Fully Assembled of Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Longboard

Every rider needs to experience the skating game without having to go through the hassle of reading instructions or manuals. The Yocaher Stained Longboard caters for this requirement.

The longboard comes from the company ready to use. You do not need reading instruction manuals or costly tools to assemble. Behave yourself with a great ride home after the buying.

Suited for Intermediate and Professional Riders

Since this longboard is mainly designed for expert riders, it can even be used by the newcomers and the intermediates.

The high grip lets the newcomers exercise with this longboard even though you are not very affluent riding new ones.

Today, with these longboards, every skater can ride down the hill, and therefore it can restrict the heavyweight.


  • Good wheel clearance
  • Low price
  • Tight turning radius
  • Several varieties of styles and colors to choose from
  • High stability
  • Easy to ride
  • Strong and firm grip hold tape
  • Fully assembled


  • May require Bearing maintenance
  • Can have a poor turning radius

Recommendation and Author Review

Although this longboard is rated 4.0 stars out of 5.0, it is still worth trying. Think about the positive review; you will like the truth that, it is an inexpensive longboard that offers full durability.

Great speed, turning radius, compactness, and switching both directions provides, even more, flexibility as per many customer reviews.

Above all consumers only love this product as it comes as fully assembled and saves their time regarding the ones that are yet to be assembled.

Whereas, the stiff bearings made the customers tough to control the longboard, especially when they can’t take sharp turns.

Consequently, it’s required to slow while turning. Flex is not better either because of the structure of the longboard.

Yocaher Drop Down Longboard Review – Guide on Maintaining Your Bearings

In case there is one thing that you would have to keep up if you would like to usage your longboard for the first time, here are simply some of the things that you would have to understand:

  • Ensure that you will dispel the bearings of your longboard first. Without breaking your bearings, you need to make sure that you will remove the bearings.
  • Take your bearings separately so that you can examine the various parts of the bearing instantly.
  • The bearings would have to be washed with alcohol. You may desire to place them in a container that features a lid so that you can shake the bearings with the alcohol until such time when the messy things will come off.
  • Ensure to lubricate your bearings completely. It would rely on you what kind of gel lubricant you would love to use.
  • Put back your wheels back and ensure that they are done rightly. You do not want your wheels to immediately fall off or break down if you are using your longboard, would you?

If you would like to guarantee that you have washed your bearings properly, then there is simply one way to find out, and that is to start riding the board. Possibilities are, it will be working well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few common pre-selling questions and answers include the following:

Q. Does any grip on the longboard?

A. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down features a Black Widow 80A Grip tape. This tape is durable and of excellent quality. It does not peel nearly after a long time of use.

Q. Does the longboard can carry heavy bodied people?

A. The longboard is firm and strong enough to carry people as heavy as 240Ibs.

Q. Who can usage this longboard?

A. This features in this board permit for quality riding styles like cruising, down hilling, and free riding. This is for skaters with a lot of experience and not beginners.

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Final Verdict

The Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard has an excellent and attractive design. It has exceptional features, which makes it great for the riders. It has demanding safety measures put in place.

A skater with experience can safely experience various styles. The price is amazingly low for a longboard of its performance and quality.

The saving is enormous, and it makes for great and wise buy. Shop this longboard and start enjoying the thrill of fast riding.

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