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Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Complete Longboard Review In 2022

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Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard

Are you a beginner or expert level riders? Do you want to have a Longboard that can provide you safe riding experience? Then you may consider the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard is here for you.

This is a different surf-inspired cruising and carving Longboard. The board features an excellent rigidity, and it is perfect for throwing out speed checks and slides due to its flexing qualities.

The sector 9 lookout deck which is longer maximizes the stability of the board. The board is suitable for cruising around, doing some cross-stepping, rolling and sliding over hilly roads.

The durability and great quality of the board assure you to enjoy tons of fun with the board. However, you will find many longboards on the market, no one makes a longboard absolutely like Sector 9, and their top rated board is the Blue Wave Lookout Drop Through Longboard.

It is not without its pros and cons like any product on the market, and if you think about to buy a longboard, this board requires being on your list.

Below is a complete overview and review of what could be a competition for the top listed longboard on the market – the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through Longboard.

What are the features you may look for in the Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard?

Design of the Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard

The design is the primary consideration when you are going to buy a longboard. The design features more than the physical properties. Moreover, a longboard features some unique design qualities which set it apart from other skateboards.

Similar to any good longboard, the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout board features a very low center of gravity, which makes it perfect for downhill racing and speed skating.

It also features a high level of stability which implies that riders can slide and drift safely and comfortably with maximum control.

The Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard is very well constructed with no obvious design flaws, and the harshest longboard reviewer will be satisfied.

PDP ABEC-5 Bearings of Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard

These bearings will do admirably on this board, because they are the middle ground of the ranking system for bearings, providing both similar speed and precision.


The Sector 9 Blue Wave Longboard is built with 5-ply vertically laminated Bamboo, which makes it flexible and light – would not crack or snap when under pressure.

The longboard features 42 inches long, which does it on the longer end of the spectrum, so is suitable for beginners and cruisers. It seems to be perfect for the greenies with the sustainable bamboo material.

Gullwing 10 inch Charger Trucks

You would not have to concern about wheel bite with these wide trucks, offering you approval among the wheels and the board while still riding smooth.

74mm-78a Wheels

No need to think about the speed with these wheels, as their thicker diameter is constructed to provide the most speed possible.

Holding their 78a hardness rating into account, they will let you glide evenly over the pavement. The wheels also feature polyurethane material with excellent durability.


There is no consideration having the perfect and most beautiful longboard in the world if you cannot ride it safely. A longboard is not constructed to be ridden on flat, horizontal surfaces like your driveway of a grandparent.

If you are looking for a longboard, you are going to enjoy some fun with it. Considering long, steep stormy roads and hills.

However, if you use it rightly by cruising down long streets and sliding around corners, you will have no matters at all with this board, and will certainly look like a professional.

Stability of Sector 9 Drop Through Longboard Complete

Please concern about that the Sector 9 Lookout Longboard is the main longboard, and at 42 inches long, is not planned for use in a skate park.

Honestly, in a few skate parks, it may be illegal. Like a long board implies that there is increased stability and control on longer, smoother rides.

However, speed is compromised by the length. Therefore it is suitable for the long windy hill, but do not try to do ollie’s unless you desire to look like a fool or chance eating the pavement.

Speed of sector 9 bamboo lookout drop Longboard

Though speed was your demon, then this longboard would be your Satan (in a mode of speaking). The Sector 9 Blue Wave Drop through longboard seems to be very fast when put in the specific environment.

It favors nothing rather than wide open spaces, and long interrupted roads with trends. Because of the flexibility and length of the board, though at the highest speed, it controls maximum maintenance, so you can feel safe since you leave your stomach at the pick of the hill.

For those struggling to look for a longboard which will safely and easily gather speed and has maintained even at 50 miles per hour, and then this longboard is for you. Please wear a helmet and be sensible.

Durability of Sector 9 Bamboo Lookout

If you have time to read the comments and reviews by different users who have decided the Sector 9 Longboard, one keyword will truly stand out -stability.

One of the causes for the specifically high level and high rating of consumer satisfaction of this longboard is the truth that it is so stable, and you will probably outgrow the board before it breaks.

Part of the stability is due to the usually designed bamboo deck – it is supple and flexible and will not fracture under pressure. Used PDP bearings and steel bolts imply that all parts of the board are made to the extreme quality.

The Sector 9 Lookout Longboard is built to last. It is not planned to be a fad board; it is constructed to be repeatedly used and stretched to the limit. Though you are after a board that is reliable and will not fracture on you, and this is the board for you.

This is a right longboard for the newcomer or those who want to exchange from a quality skateboard to a longboard.

If utilized perfectly, the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Drop through longboard has the absolute control, and the board itself is made of a very high quality and will be durable and long lasting.


  • Provides proper safety
  • Amazing for smooth riding
  • Because of its trucks, it is very stable
  • It has a W concave and a strong grip tape
  • Compact design with a beautiful graphic


  • Bearings or wheels are good but not best
  • Weigh over 200 pounds is risky on the boards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you go downhill with this Complete Longboard Skateboard?

A: Yes! You most surely can! I completely love this buy! It is suitable for hills, cruising, curves and slopes!

Q: Is the board symbolizes the blue wave?

A: Yes! You will receive the board with a blue wave.

Q: Does it work well?

A: Yes! It works well.

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Considering the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard has some quality feature, you can buy it for a very enjoyable, speedy, and adventurous ride.

The quality part of this board is it offers proper safety that is extremely desirable when riding at great speed. Finally, after reviewing my article, you will find this board which will make your friends jealous and impresses your neighbors!

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