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How to find Top Places To Longboard

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Best Places To Longboard

You have got your board, you have read the blog up until now, and today you are prepare to get out there and skate – but where should you go?

Apparently, where you live is going to make a difference, but I am going to go ahead and suggest you top ten places to longboard around the world.

I will give you a complete description about these places too, and if you are lucky enough to live near any of these spots I mention, make sure you go check them out, because missing out on key spots in your area, or areas you may travel to, would suck.

What seems to be better and what is not is going to be mostly a matter of taste and opinion. Follow my article to discover exactly where these best places to longboard in the world are, note them to your personal map, and share them with friends as well.

Top Ten Places To Longboard Reviews 2022

1. Col de Turini – Italy

Col de Turini not only the most beautiful and fun roads to drive but also a dream for any expert downhill enthusiast. Italy is well known for its smooth tarmac and 6miles (10km), and a lot of hairpins offer you enough time to push that adrenaline into even the furthest corner of your body.

Col de Turini-Italy

2. Seoul – South Korea

Korea, possibly would not be on many longboarders’ must-visit lists… extremely not yet. But it might be.As you have the documentary from the above, the Korean’s affinity for building in concrete and marble implies that the city is like one massive skatepark, having cruised on four wheels easier than riding a bike. Not only that, but you will find no laws against longboarding or skateboarding, so you are unlikely to get busted. No surprise it is home to an ever-growing scene.


Seoul South Korea

3. Titan’s Path – Norway

Have you ever thought about 30 hairpins in a row? Alright! We discover a destination for you! In Lysebotn you can not only camp but also discover one of the most surprising roads in Europe to have a weak longboard run! Above 1km in length and with over 30% slopes this place is fantastic!


Titan's Path Norway

4. Malaga – Spain

Malaga may have fame as a den of Club 18-30s moral corruption, but it is also an excellent place for a holiday if you are into longboarding. Because it is hot: The southern Spanish city offers an average of 11 hours of sunshine a day in July and August. It also boasts wideness of open concrete (especially along the see above and sea front), and there is a lot of possible for hill-bombing on the hills of rural Andalucia around of town. Only make sure you operate well clear of the sunburnt, fish-bowl swilling Eng-er-land lovers.


Malaga Spain

5. Red Hill – Simons Town

Situated on the end of Cape Town in South Africa the terrain of this 5.2 km (3.2 miles) run is just remarkable. Since traffic can be completely dense here you preferable hit Red Hill in the morning. Its 5% slope perfect for great fun, not only for professional.


Red Hill Simons Town

6. Malmo – Sweden

The climate of Malmo implies that it is not a natural freewheeling. An average it rains of 169 days a year and snows regularly in winter. Nevertheless its long summer days (means 17 hours of daylight) and excess of smooth pavements mean it is the best place to roll around in the summer. It is something of a middle for Swedish skateboard culture too, as home to a whole series of amazing skateparks and various international contests.


Malmo Sweden

7. Alburqurque – New Mexico, USA

As anyone who has noticed the smash-hit Netflix series Breaking Bad will understand, Alburquerque, modern Mexico, is dry and hot. This is associated with its acres of plane pavement and excess of hills; make it an unlikely longboarding hotspot.It might not be best of numerous people’s must-see destinations in the US, but if you are ever heading there, make sure to pack your cruiser.


8. Cuesta de Lipan – Argentina

This longboard destination in the Jujuy state is characterized by the loveliness of the Andes Mountains. The Río Grande of Jujuy operates through the Quebrada de Humahuaca canyon, of heights among 1,000 and 3,500 meters. This longboard spot is over 7 miles (11 Km) long and features over 15 hairpins with an average slope of mostly 10%. Due to its appropriate street conditions, this spot should be a travel destination for all downhill addicts.

Cuesta de Lipan-Argentina


9. Vulkanradweg – Gedern Germany

Germany, the Vulkanradweg in Gedern is one of the good places to longboard near me for a beginner to intermediate riders. The excellence is its great length of over 13 km (8 miles) with an almost relaxed slope suitable for cruising and dancing. At particular parts, you can reach speeds of up to 50 Km/h (30mph). It’s ideal pavement adds to the fun, and there is even a bus going back to the best (only on weekends). Depending on the fact that this is a familiar spot, people are used to longboarders and are usually very friendly! Once a year this spots organizes one of the biggest German longboard meetings.

Vulkanradweg Gedern Germa


10. San Francisco – California, USA

There can be several – if any – great places in the world to go longboarding than San Francisco. Okay so the town might not be as rain-free as its southern Californian cousin, but what it lacks in the weather stakes it rather than makes up for in the feature of its hills which are entirely legendary. And that is simply the straight hills – the best part of Lombard Avenue is successfully a perfect slalom course. Yep, if you have got a love of longboarding, San Francisco is the place to go.

San Francisco California


Final Verdict

All over the world, many skating locations exist, and more are being found each day. Think about what spots you will enjoy most needs considering plenty of factors, like the type of skating you do, the population, as well as, of course, safety and laws requirements.

The best way to locate great places to skate is to get out there and try some out. I hope you will luck out and discover a great place no one has yet tried to skate after reviewing these top ten places to longboard discussed from the above.

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