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Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch) Review In 2022

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Atom Pin Tail

If you are struggling to look for a safe and adventurous Longboard, then you may go for the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch).

The standard pintail shape gives all the riders the right platform for cruising and the wide wheel base provides you that durability you want while cruising at greater speeds.

This cruiser will assist you to invest a few moments with smooth riding. This board offers you good balance and stability.

It features with various ranges of color, and you will be able to change the color of several parts. It is a perfect longboard and popular for its low price and comfort.

When you locate this longboard, you may instantly admire the quality of it. Read on the learn more about the pros, cons, and features of this Atom Pin-Tail Longboard.​

What to Look for the Key Features of Atom Pin-Tail Longboard?

​65mm Diameter Wheels of Atom 39 Pintail Longboard

This longboard features with 65mm urethane wheels which come with a durometer rating of 78A. Both of these specs are suitable for cruising and for utilizing the board as a commuter board.​

Atom Pintail Longboard can accelerate faster while compromising its speed because of the diameter which is smaller than most longboards.​

Unlike downhill riding where speed is important, the speed you will want to gain while cruising is not as crucial, especially if you will be riding in a city full of people!​

8.5-inch Aluminum Trucks of Atom Pin Tail Longboard

This longboard features 8.5-inch aluminum trucks which confirm the Atom Pintail Longboard to be more reactive in your turns. Moreover, these trucks also confirm you to maneuver around tight spaces simply.​

ABEC 5 Rated Atom Pintail Longboard Bearings

The Atom Pintail Longboard showcases ABEC 5 rated bearings which are worthy bearings regarding the obviousness standards that these bearings were constructed under.​

​8 Ply Maple Laminate Deck

The Atom Pintail Longboard comes with an 8 ply maple laminate deck. Maple wood is used in different longboard deck construction as it is not only hard but also resistant to temperature changes.

The lowest part of the deck features a lively and colorful design.​

Pintail Shaped Deck​

This deck of the longboard is pintail shaped, which is enlightened by surfboards. Pintail longboards are designed for persons who want to cruise on their longboards.

If you are one of them who intends or likes to cruise around or carve with your longboard, the Atom Pintail Longboard is the best option.​

Atom Pintail Longboard Design​

When struggling to look for different boards, you will find that they will differ highly in shape. While you may consider that is an aesthetic option, the truth is that each shape is designed for a certain purpose.​

Atom Pin Tail Longboard 39

If, a pintail design is used to make sure that you can curve as closely as possible without “biting” the wheels.​

If you are not popular with that term, it implies that sometimes boards will scrape in opposition to the wheels when you make a perfect turn, which can not only decrease your speed but could cause you to wipe out in some cases.​

Finally, the pintail design is constructed for speed and swerving around town.​

Who and when need this Atom Pin-Tail Longboard most?​

This Atom Longboard is perfect for each rider. It is most appropriate for the beginners and cruisers. As it classic pintail deck makes sure “Zero” wheel bite. Therefore the newcomers can learn tricks and slides safely and smoothly.​

Moreover, the cruisers can get enough fun by doing perfect and smooth turns, slides, tricks, and brakes. This board is easy to ride and maintain its high standard parts and shape.​

Customer Reviews: Feelings of the Real Customers of Atom Pintail Longboard Amazon

This pintail longboard is a high standard product. It took so many positive reviews from the consumer that makes it best. 

Maximum of the customers reviewed that it is the appropriate longboard easy to control and ride. They experience their riding time by easily cruising around with this longboard.

The newcomers loved this longboard as they can ride it evenly and learned so many tricks with this longboard smoothly. The customers are thoroughly pleased with this longboard.​


  • Built to last
  • Excellent color design
  • Thick, durable wheels
  • Curving is super easy
  • Ideal for beginners and veterans alike
  • High-quality trucks and wheels
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight design


  • Not ideal for any tricks
  • Bearings may not be as smooth as other models

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​1. Is this board perfect for beginners?

Answer: Yes, this longboard is made for all.​

2. Does this longboard come assembled?

Answer: Yes, it features fully assembled. Only unpack it and start riding.

3. Should I need replacing any parts for best performance?

Answer: This longboard features high-quality parts. So there is no need to replace any parts.

Who should buy the Atom Pintail?

Even with the Atom Pintails below average achievement at great speeds, I still verily liked the look of the overall board. At the price range less than $100 this longboard is affordable for newcomers looking to get into the sport without investing a boatload of money. For the customer looking for an affordable carving longboard to suddenly ride and use for commuting, the Atom Pintail is the longboard to beat.


Overall, the Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch) comes as a complete package. It seems to be the best longboards to own according to its versatile design. It is as stylish as best for the newcomers.​

In total, the Longboard offers with a better amount of foot room, has got excellent flex and the pintail design will ensure that you do not find any wheel bite.​

The board also features some good stock hardware which is extremely strong and durable. Therefore it does not need replacement often. The quality longboard to have!​

Also, the bright colors and design make it a must-have for students too!Overall, I would suggest this longboard to any new boarders that want to enjoy what they can do.​

Any questions post a comment, and I’ll probably get back to you.​

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